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25 Apr. 1816 27

Append. III
Dean A
2. Vansi
No evidence
Laws inconsistent

4 2

or 9
9. By these rules if
consistently pursued,
society would long ago
have been destroyed

Had the usurpation and contempt
The contempt thus habitually put by the Judges upon
the legislation had it in this instance been productive
of its full effect, the state would long ago have fallen
to pieces [the fountain spring of being dried up
the body would have been starved.]

or 10
10. Under a system of
corruption, to an abuse
sole remedy a counter
abuse Fraud
the instrument by which
good and bad are done
Bond forged, release forged.
Remedy impossible,
fraud the sole palliative

In a system of
all pervading corruption when an in so far as any abuse receives the correction
it is not by any state wholesome remedy, it is by
an abuse operating in another direction: it is by a
counter abuse. Once upon a time A bond was forged: dont trouble your
For Bad or
More bad or less
bad, fraud in the some
shape or other is the instrument by which
every thing is done

make yourself the plague of prosecution, said the lawyer forge a
release. This Remedy being throughout impossible unendurable, this
is the principle on which in every case the whatever palliative
is administered is applied is composed

or 11
Judges conniving,
counter-device by which
these other destructive
rules have been in
some sort evaded by

The contempt thus habitually
put upon the legislators by Judges and as habitually submitted
to by legislators it in this instance found
no counter-abuse — had it in this instance been
productive of its full effect, the springs of inconsistence
being then dried up the body politic would long ago have
met its sunk in death. Destroying their own , they
saw with conniving eyes

or 12
Division of labour
I who knows nothing
of the matter informs and
receives the reward.
W.. who knows, but without
the reward would
not testify testifies:
and if asked swears he
will not receive any reward.
Thus they hunt in

Counteracting instead of obeying the acts
of their lawful superiors, they saw with conniving eyes their own the underling
of their own class underlings counteracting theirs. The result A division of labour
was effected: the process of furnishing evidence
was divided between two hands. The hunters set on
by the legislators were obliged found it necessary to hunt in couples In Under
the shape the name of an informer, I a John Sales who knew nothing
about the matter gave the information and saw in case
of received claimed and was supposed to the reward. W. was man who knew
every thing that was known about it, and whose appearance
for the reward would
have been in effect
without a cause, the
act without a motive
received it without
claiming it.

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