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29 Apr. 1816


For I can be assured such every to him working
tho should I be surprized to find that such it is


1 Assurance of impunity is no encouragement to offend 2 assurance
of being rich if he votes for a certain candidate his vote is given on one side on one side, received
if he votes it is given on the other side has no influence or
contributes nothing to the determining a man on what side a
man shall give it. 3 In determining whether a delinquent
after being eventually announced by the laws,
punishment penal visitation as the phrase is shall or shall attach not visit upon a delinquent, the
only consequence that one entitled to regard is what in the event the delinquent
will suffer He will be the suffering of the individual in one case one event : among these consequences
which in such a case have the title to regard are what
in the opposite event may be the suffering sustained by those dozens
in the character of honest manufacturers whose lawful profits are taken from them by the delinquencies
of their dishonest rival

hundreds in the character situation of persons whose healths are
injured by the offence, and of millions to whose impoverishment
by taxing the profit made by the offence has contributed
in giving impunity to a delinquent upon condition of his giving
his vote or doing any thing else as I would have him there
is nothing wrong so long as I continue regular in my attendance
all those maxims by together with
in the Lords Supper, or in default therefor thereof zealous
and in the distribution of bibles

All these maxims may for ought in the Right
Honourable breast in question all these maxims and
any number
with the addition of others of the several
in any number of the same tenor in any number
may wear the face of maxims: and if so in this
case, or indeed in any case if the actuating motive be piety
in which there is nothing at all improbable
who shall take upon himself to say, that the Right Honourable
Gentlemans motive is a bad one, or of any other than the purest

[1] In the present instance
it is necessary to the
keeping of pious men
in the influential situations in
which they find themselves
and thence by the advancement
and even
preservation of piety
that wicked
men who notwithstanding
their wickedness may
be depended upon for
rendering themselves in
other ways useful to
those same pious men
should be encouraged,
and by encouragement caused to go on in such their wickedness

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