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1831 Aug. 11
Colonization Society

Ch. IV Means of effectuation
§.1. Inducements to Shareholders and contributors
Comple Simulé
I. Expenditure


Comple simulé ☞ Propose to
Mr Todie the filling it up?

To the purpose of giving any totally correct view of
the inducements belonging to this hand, an indispensible
operation or say task will be the giving
what in French Accountant language is called a
Comple simulé — in English

To form any such document lies not within
the time nor in the stock of information possessed by the author
of this page. All that it is in his power is the presenting to for help to comple
view a few items by way of examples.

Pro-forma accounts

I. Outlay or say Expenditure

1. Freight from London or some other English Port to
the place of Settlement in Australasia at £20
per head making £40 per couple for couples [ ] £ s d

2. Journeys for do to the place of embarkation

3. Subsistence of do (in the shape of food, or rations) from the
for day of landing to that day to

N. B. Expenditure in the article of duration is here regarded
as need: no where will any landing be made in which
there is not good water: all fermented liquor may be regarded
as a needless, and dangerous incumbrance.

4. Bedding for do at [ ] per couple . . . . .

5. Other household furniture: at [ ] per couple.

6. Cloathing, if any allowed. If any it may perhaps be
necessary or convenient to serve it out to them at the commencement before embarkation
of the Voyage

7. Medicines

8. Implements of husbandry

9. Implements of trade. N. B. If, for their respective p
occupations any of them have them employed in
building, such as those of Carpenter, Bricklayer Smith, &c
their respective tools &c will be to be carried with them: and
what they have not of their own, they must be supplied with by the Company.

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