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6 Sept 1814

Logic & Ethics Ch Object

(1) 1

Every good pleasure good prima facie and so ultimately unless in so far
as followed greater himself, or by do to others in a case
in which do to others would be do to self.
experience any man but judge for himself what produces most


§ Pleasure and Pain — their relation to Good and Evil.

1. Every Prima facie , and pro tanto, consequences apart, every species of
pleasure — every individual pleasure, to whatsoever species
it belongs, is good and fit to be pursued.

2. After experience had of it by any person the person in question, the
very fact of his pursuing it is, subject to the limitations
abovementioned conclusive proof of its goodness: — of its
relative goodness relation being had to the person himself
and his particular well-being.

3 Prima facie and pro tanto, all consequences apart
over and above the pleasure sought reaped by it, every act
whereby pleasure in any shape is reaped is good: and fit or proper to be exercised.
and the converse is true in regard to pain.

4 Every act is good by which pleasure is reaped is
good, in so far as if either no pain at all is the result of it
or if any no pain being the result of it among its consequences,
the value of the pain magnitude of the sum of pain is less than that of
the sum of pleasure: and the converse is true in regard
to pain.

5. Every person is not merely the best most proper judge, but the
sole only proper judge of what with reference to himself is pleasure:
and so in regard to pain.

6. To say of any act — from this act, no pleasure
or no preponderant mass of pleasure, were the act exercised
by me, or by this or that other person or number of persons like
by not would be reaped by me or by them respectively, therefore from the correspondent
act if exercised by you no pleasure would be reaped by you, or to
say therefore, although productive of is folly.

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