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1829 June 1. Original.

Article on Utilitarianism Copied.

Next to this paper touch upon
the mistake envyable the words "the greatest number"

Names by which the
principle has been
designated, in many
points unappropriate

To the spread dispersion of the system of in the reception and
adoption of which the maximum of happiness in the whole human
species not to mention other is so inseparably and incontrovertibly
dependent, it happens unfortunately that the denominations
by which it was originally designated, was in many by which at different times it came to be designated were several
points so far from being an apt one.

Principle of utility
misexpressiveness of the

At first, the name was the principle of utility. Then
the facts were that by the expression then employed not the idea
meant to be conveyed but were widely different from it was
in fact at all times liable to be conveyed, and to no inconsiderable
extent actually conveyed: and of this mistake
one bad in discourse one bad effect in was, the that to be
drawing down to a correspondent extent the sentiment of
disapprobation upon the opinion in the reception of which all
the good that could be produced by the dissemination of the
principle departed

The word regarded as
calling for approbation
of every measure
contributing to one
and whatever that
end be

To the extent in question, the principle of utility, was, in
a word regarded, as above + by which approbation was called
+ Lab at the passage action
referred to

for by every measure essence a by which a contribution was
made to this or that end, whatsoever might be the nature
of that end: the extent of it, being regarded as the principle by
which approbation was is called for, for such measure when one was
contributing to human happiness takes in the aggregate, not the
maximum of the happiness enjoyed by the aggregate of the several
members of which the community in question is composed.

Consequence of the
mistake — disapprobation
called supposed to be
called for to the
pursuit of pleasure

Of this mistake one consequence was that
of its being a principle by which disapprobation was called for
to the pursuit of pleasure to every action by means of which pleasure was
either at the <add>means [produced,] is a probability of receiving it at a future
time produced: whereas in the intention of the the author of it, if such be
may stated, the same s of approbation is called for every
action without distinction by of which pleasure in any shape, at the amount

in any subsequent means
is produced; that such
approbation being given in
the single enilition that
by such action, pain or
loss of pleasure to a greater
amount be not produced. Thus on every occasion, happiness is in his view of conceding it a subject make of account and calculation, of profit and loss, just as
money itself is —, that pr make, what but for the happiness which it is contributing to the production of would be altogether valueless.

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