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1828 July 23

Report Title understood to be proposed
A familiar View of Blackstone: or say
Blackstone familiarized: or else
Blackstone and Law familiarised

Proposed Interlude or Beginning.

This paper has for its object or end in view, the
giving to the people of England and its dependencies in as few
words as possible a case in the compass of those of whose
members a conception as clear as possible of the state of
the law as it is in England. On considering how this can
be fdone, it has been found that by no other means could
any conception be given of law as it is, so clear, if at all,
as by means of Law as it ought to be: for that which
reference lead to all along to law as it ought to be, to give any
tolerably clear explanation of law as it is would not be possible.

Open Blackstone who you ask Of Law as it is, the
clearest explanation capable of being formed any where is commonly
and it is believed truly thought to be – that which is given by
Blackstone. But in that given by Blackstone the language employed
is throughout which is termed technical: language
peculiar to this branch of art or science: technical meaning as
quite peculiar to art and science. But in so far as the
language is technical it is no otherwise capable of being explained
no person not instructed in this branch of art and science
than by reference to such language as it familiar to
all tolerably well instructed educated person whose language is that
same language.

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