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1821. April 28. First Lines

Every particle of power over and above that quantity
which is necessary to the giving existence and security to the
best form of Government, is an instrument of misrule: every
particle of factitious dignity without expectation is not only an
instrument of individual injury to those who have none of it,
but an instrument of misrule. Every particle of the matter of
opulence, added to a mass of a certain magnitude already in
hand, adds to the facility, and thence to the desire, of administering,
by all sorts of means imaginable, innoxious or noxious further
and further gratification to that insatiable concupiscence.

Hence it is that while it is conducive to the greatest
happiness of the greatest number that, for the sake of present
enjoyment; the matter of subsistence and opulence into lots of
such smallness as is consistent with the sense of individual security
for property as well as with the magnitude and sufficiency
of that aggregate stock of the matter of opulence which is
necessary to national security in all its shapes as against all its adversaries,
so it is in a distinct and particular manner to the
particular object of the Constitutional branch of law: viz. security
against misrule:- against injury to the subject many at the
hands of the ruling few as such.

From On In the breasts the part of that class description of men in whose instance
preeminent opulence has for its accompaniment pride grounded on
the contemplation of ancestry, the so generally prevalent and but too
efficient propensity to place in comparative indigence all their children
but one for the purposes of heaping opulence upon that one
as well as to committ depredations upon as many as they feel within the
reach of it on the false pretence of a fund for payment which with
the assistance of their accomplices in the several shapes of the legislator
and professional lawyer they have secretly combine to render inapplicable
to the purpose hold already brought to view: in the same
breast may be seen the seed-plot of the abovementioned ever insatiable concupiscence.

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