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1823.July 1 Constitut. Code

Question. What are the general consideration reasons by
which it can be made appears that the people collectively
taken are in the absolute sense apt for the
location and destruction of the persons by whom
such of them appears shall be managed as are common to all collectively
taken collectively?

Answer. In this case as in others with relation
to the management of human affairs in every stamp, is if he
with relation to the choice, and eventually the removal,</add> of persons to be interested with the
management of them, an appropriate aptitude is desirable
into five distinguishable branches appropriate moral
aptitude, appropriate aptitude, appropriate
judicial aptitude, and appropriate active aptitude
ableness appropriate scientific aptitude, that is to say
appropriate knowledge, and appropriate judicial aptitude
may that is to say appropriate judgement may be considered
as united and into one namely intellectual aptitude.

Question. What will reform to the effect in
question namely the greatest happiness of the greatest number.
what is to be considered by appropriate moral aptitude?

Answer. The classes to see that same effect that that same effect be produced
Be the effect what it may, if and when be the effective desire of
its being produced on all occasions with relation to it is added the effective power
the effect seen to be as produced. of course as a necessary consequence. To so effected thehis one own greatest
happiness of to see effected the greatest happiness of that one
is the effective desire of that one is the desire of each man. to
see effected the greatest happiness of all is therefore the desire of
all. The constit In this case the effective power has two troubles: the
physical and the political: the physical is composed of appropriate
knowledge, judgement and active aptitude as above: if they are possessed
of this physical power, give to them the political power the effect produc the <add>object</add>is accomplished: the problem is restored.

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