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1823. May 27 F Spare Code Constitut. Code 10?
Ch.VI Legislative
S.1. Function Omnicompetence
1. Diluting

On this occasion, for clearness of conception it may be
useful of use not to say necessary, to bring to view a particular

In no instance can the framers of a constitution
being men, have omitted to take care of themselvesin a peculiar manner
By the opportunity of doing so, is In the instance but are namely that of the Anglo
-American United States, they have profited.
In the hands of one set of functionariesTo the situations aggregate of the situations - the functionaries
belonging to the Executive department it always has
been and in the nature of the case necessary to attach
a certain quantity of pecuniary inducement: at the disposal
of some an individual or some comparatively small number
of individuals the disposal application of that same
of emolument to that same purpose, and so far the disposal
of it, has been placed. and must be But with regardin relation to these
same masses of emoluments in the hands of the members
of the legislative body possession of the authority superordinate
with relation to the Executive, influences in their
distinguishable form has ever has been and must ever continue
to be possessed: namely influence in the number of these
same offices, influence in the quantity of emolument attached
to each, and influences in the choices designation of the individuals
by whom the several situations shall at each
point of time be filled. Vain would be the expectations, could
any such be entertained of of putting anbarring out exclusion upon this
influence by an arrangement inhibiting the members of the
legislature from receiving in these same persons any one of
these same endowed offices. Yet, if had they no connections
either in the wayby the use of interest or by the of sympathy: but
by those how have they have connection, exactly as every other
sort of men have.

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