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1822 Jany. 25
Constitut. Code Codification Offer

§. 5. Admission Universal
Members Unapt

193 22 or 1.
Object of all laws and
arrangements in all
places and times greatest
good of makers.
this included in the
predominance of self

23 or 2. | 193*
U.S. no exception.
Our operatives and
by whom
the operatives are placed
and displaceable.
Making and unmaking
the makers, they
do. the laws and arrangements.
all do. are contributory
to this conception of
greatest happiness &c.

194 24 or 3.
To each ruler belongs
a share in the universal
interest. But
so to each a do. in a
particular, thence sinister
interest. Small
in comparison of the
value of his share
in the sinister is in
the eyes of each commonly
do. of do. in the</hi>
universal interest.
True he has an interest
the same as
the people. Not true
his interest is the same
as the peoples.

25 or 4. | 195
A mine wrought by
rulers on their own
account is the whole
produce of peoples
labour. Under different
with different
and success,

---page break---

§. 5. Admission Universal
Members Unapt

25 or 4 196 contind.
has it been worked.
Under pure Monarchy
for account of King:
under mixt do. for do.
of King & Co.
Subordinate branches
of the firm, Bishop &
Co., and Judge & Co.
For mode of conducting
business see J.B's

26 or 5. | 197.
greatest produce £55,000,000
a year: added
lately labour of Hindostan
100 millions.
For support of misrule
and misery, religion
supported by
corruption employed
against that morality
on which happiness
depends. Result, a
state in which Government's
weakness is
the sole resource against
a condition
as bad as in the worst
governed states.

27 or 6. | 198
So vast the wealth,
acting as matter of corruptive
influence, by
prospect of a share in
the sinister interest,
a majority are led to sacrifice
their actual
share in the universal
interest: to this is added
for support to misrule
the aggregate body
of interest-begotten
and authority-begotten
prejudice and original

---page break---

§. 5. Admission Universal
Members Unapt

27 or 6 contind.
weakness, so carefully
nurtured by non-application
of useful, &
application of worse
than useless culture.

28 or 7. | 199
Further support to misrule
the undeniable
fact, that how adverse
soever to greatest happiness
&c. in comparison
of the only Government
which had that
for its end. English, owing
to its weakness, has
always been more contributory
than any other
to do. happiness:
and by the main spring
of waste and corruption
appetite for distant
gave birth to that only
good one.

29 or 8. | 200
By the aliment so converted
into it, maximum
seems now to
have been reached,
and to be threatened
with a decline. Better
not: but that in the strain
the engine should burst:
in which case, that
system which is so exclusively
known to be the
only good one, would
take place of course.

29* or 8* 201
Cause of what is bad in English
Government what it has in common
with the Continental despotism,
of what is bad, 1. the small
share which the subject many
have in it: and 2. the weakness
of what is bad – We in what

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