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1822. Jany 25. Constit. Code. Codification Offer

S.5. Admission Universal
Members Unapt

S.5. Admission Universal
Members Unapt
VII 6.30 or 9.|201

A little more, all
jails filled, imprisonment
will end -
juries will not convict.
the readings, of those
who uttered the threat
of Abolishing juries,
to contribute laws
for executing it: so of
judges to contribute

VII .31 or 10.|202

On the other hand,
stands chance that
to execute such judgment
will be found
no Sheriff, Sheriff's
officer, Hangman -
that goods want to be
exposed to sale under
verdicts of packed
juries will find no
purchaser, if exposed
to sale under
judgement without

Certain that in the
expectation of those
to whom the scourge
of torture applied to
the back so the injured
in Ireland was
an object of delight
no hand would be to
be found to apply
it in England. Proof
in England it never
has been so applied.
To those whom the old
man's rupture afforded
so much laughter, the
importation of the just
instrument of torture
would have afforded
serious delight, but for
the doubt whether any
English hand would
apply it.

---page break---

S.5. Admission Universal
Members Unapt
VII 1.32 or 11.|203

After a revolution
while the authors feel
exposed to danger of
counter do. they will
forego a portion of
the sweets of government
for the security
in which subjects share.
To this in all breasts,
with sympathy for people
as fellow sufferers
and fellow actors, ascribe
the condition
difference in people's
condition before and
after the revolution.
But are long, sympathy
evaporates, procreation
by refractoriness
substitutes antipathy.
Between quondam sole
ruler and his new associates,
partnership is
substituted to hostility.

To the new form, sole
source of danger
the people: formerly,
kept in passive obedience
by despondency,
now accustomed to resistance.
To the old
yoke is now substituted
a new one by which
what is lost in weight
and immediate afflictiveness
is gained in
strength & performance.

VIII 2.33 or 13.|204

More favourable, nothing
expectable under
constitution whose existence
depends on Kinds
forging shackles for his
own hands: to people's

---page break---

S.5. Admission Universal
Members Unapt
2.33 or 12 contind.

Deputies no more
than a share in making
laws - to Kind, placing
and displacing
those on whose good will
depends execution and
effect: it being his interest
that none should
be given to any but such
as confirm or encrease
his power - depends for
its existence on that of
a man perpetually threatening
those his desires
which before the Constitution
were never threatened:
of the end depending on
a chain of events, all,
after the first few links,

VII 3. 34 or 13. 205.

Spanish proposed code
an example of the rabidness
wit which in
ruling breasts still exposed
to danger, the appetite
for power may

Code such as the Duke
of Alba might glory in
death to all who interchange
opinions on subjects
on which happiness
of all depends: who endeavour
to meliorate their
condition &c.: for describing
the offences, words,
by which any judge might
kill any man for any

Those who refused admission
to King's Governors, will, if they submitt
to this Code, submitt
to everlasting tyranny
after excluding temporary

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