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Ready for review. Submitted by David

Click Here To Edit 1822 Jan.y 17. July 25.
Codification Offer

(1 Members Draft

§.5. Universal
Members unapt

I.1 or 1.+206
Aphorisms foundation
of all non-despotic government.
Course of sinister
interest in rulers situation.

1. Self-regard generally

1.1a 1(a.)+207
On this depends the existence
of the species:
The Interest and even
the most comprehensive
of sympathies are not excluded
by it.

1.2 2.+208
2 True of all, this must
be so of all rulers.

1.3 3.+209
3. Object of all acts of
rule greatest happiness
of rulers: on competition,
greatest happiness of
greatest number sacrificed.

1.4 4.+210
In every department,
every functionary endeavours
to effect encrease
of objects of general
desire in his
hands or power, and
private decrease: at
the expence of all except
in so far as checked.

II.1 5.211+
5. Thence if shackled
Monarch's endeavour
constant to throw off
his shackles: especially
if originally free.

II.2 7.212+
So Representatives — viz
1. at Peoples expence.
2 — at Monarchs: saving
necessary concession
for purchasing his help
for the above.

---page break---

Members unapt

II.3 6.213+
6. So to extract for his
own use all the money
he can without preponderant
difficulty and

II.4 7.214+
So Representatives — viz
1. at people's expence
2. at Monarchs: saving
necessary concession
for purchasing help for
the above —

II.5 8.215+
— and to that end
will sacrifice.
1. Peoples power: viz
1. as against Monarch.
2. as against Representatives
by making them
as slightly dependent
as possible on people.

II.6 9.216+
3. So People's money:
to Monarch and selves,
though suffering from
the loss is more than equivalent
to enjoyment
from the gain.

III.1 10.217++
Between Monarch and
Representatives, close &
perpetual the partnership
interest: as neither
can get the people's money
without the other.

III.2 11.218++
The Offices being at Monarch's
disposal, perpetual
his endeavours
to encrease number and
value of d.o

III3 12. 219++
So Representatives that
from Monarch, they
may have them for self
and connections.

---page break---

Members unapt
III.4 13.220++
Obvious and principal
means of obtaining
a share, conforming
himself each one to Monarchs
known or enforced presumed
desire: proportioned
to each man's
contribution will naturally
be expected to
be the reward.

IV.1 14.221++
Instruments of felicity
objects of general desire
sweets of power.

To maximize his own
share of each, the perpetual
will be — to aggreg maximize
the aggregate mass.

IV.2 15.222++
Sweets of power, what
1. Emolument of Office.
1. Needful.
2. Needless.
3. Useless.
4. Sinecure.
5. Overpay of each.

IV.3 16.223++
Value of each he possesses
1. As emolument &c directly
2. As time and exertion

IV.4 17 224++
Value to patron, is
1. As d.o in possession.
2. Directly directly aptitude necessary
to possession,

---page break---

§.1. Self-regard

1. 2. 3 4.

§2. — In Monarch and his
servants — objects of
5 6 7 8. 9

§.3. Representatives
10. 11. 12. 13

§.4. of Reward.
14. 15. 16. 17.

§.5. Sources of
Wars of Dependence.
18. 19.

not 0
§. 6. Means of
to the
of the liberty of discourse.
20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.
27. 28. 29. 30

not 0
§.7. Endeavour to suppress
as to rulers
, is sufficient reason
for change in government.
in Democracy
31. 32. 33.

not 0
§.8. Most Monarchy offer a
but no
35. 36

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