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1822 Jan. 20 July 25
Constitut Code Codification Offer

Members unapt

43 34. or 7.
2. Delineation of the
course pursuable and
everywhere pursued
by the partnership of
Monarchical and Aristocratical
sinister interest
in thier progress
towards that end.

44 35. or 8.
Such a display has
been nearly finished:
but the bulk of it has
rendered it inadmissible
in this place. If in
this paper, an Appendix
must be the place for it.

45 36. or 9.
Suffice it here to remark
that the propensity, &
its mischievousness
being undeniable, nothing
that can contribute
to counteract it
can be needless.

46 37. or 10.
Occasion, choice of
hands for original
draught. Problem – to
obviate the causes of
relative inaptitude.

47 38. or 11. | 244
English Government
its progress to maximize
to Government, professing
liberal opinions.
Of difference between
present England & do.
Austria with late Spain
and Portugal. Sole cause,

---page break---

Members unapt

47 88 or 11 contind.
weakness of governmt.:
not mere difference in
rulers propensity.
Weakness's cause, certain
laws and institutions,
which governmts.
whole active talent
has been employed in
destroying or counteracting.
By these causes, though
against powerless and
punishable malefactors
security is weakened,
yet being the only
security against supremely
powerful and
unpunishable do., their
net balance of value
is infinite.

48 39. or 12.
Reasons for the endeavour
to maximize
number of rival works,
1. Chance of obtaining
a draught infected with
the minimum of sinister
interest maximized.
2. So, all other points
of appropriate aptitude.

49 40. or 13.
Security thus given against
moral inaptitude,
is not entire.
Reason. Natural endeavour
of draughtsman
to ingratiate himself
with possessors of consummative
Hence the need of his
being known, that to
this propensity, the force
of public opinion may
oppose its check.

---page break---

Members unapt

50 41. or 14.
Everywhere as yet, original
draught has
been the work of a
person or persons, sharers
in the consummative
power, or acting
under their influence.
Principle opposite to
this practice: comparatively
and preeminently
unapt are all persons
so situated. Still more
perfect would the security
be, if they could be
excluded from being
competitors. But his
they can not be.

51. 42. or 15. | 245
1. Subjects regard not
their happiness so
much as rulers do.
2. Knowing not so well
who will make them
3. Their happiness is not
entitled to so much, if
any, regard.
All this indistinctly:
if one pressed, another
resorted to.

52 43. or 16.
Lamentable the task of
him by whom universal
admission is proposed.
Indispensable ground of
those his admissions, inaptitude
for a power in
which all others are comprized.

53 44. or 17.
True, a consummative
power remains untouched:
power of choosing which
draught shall be employed
as the groundwork.
Still on the exercise of
this power the controul
of public opinion is called
into action.

---page break---

54 45. or 18
True, in the liberal system
the supposition of possible
inaptitude is involved.
But according to the
statements made on this
occasion, if compleated,
not only with the assured
predominance of sinister
interest on the part of the
Codifier be demonstrated,
but particular
given of the course of misrule
into which they will
be led by it.

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