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1822 Feb. 19.
Codification Offer?
Supreme Operating
Corruptionists Emblem
1. Monarch

259 or 1.

Corruptionist's emblem
for proving corruption
principle's aptitude to
what end they dare
not say: 1. Mechanical.
2. Chemical.

260 or 2.

1. Mechanical, the balance.

261 or 3.

2. Another mechanical
nameless, thence, not
so much in use:
taken from the theory
of the corruption composition
of forces. Say the diagonal.

262 or 4.

3. Chemical emblem,
mixture of classes.

263 or 5.

Points of agreement
and disagreement between
the Rod-of-iron
men and Corruptionists
as to excellence.
Excellent in all points
say the Rod of iron men
except intellectual aptitude
and active do. say
Per Corruptionists,
a great baby in perpetual
leading strings
of fiction not so much
in this as in every
thing else of theirs.
But what individual
but a fool would, if free,
choose such an individual
for management
of any of his affairs?
or those of any other
individual for whom
he had any regard?

---page break---

264 or 6.

Agreed both as to the baby's
dress, and baby-house's

To Crown and throne
lustre and splendour necessary
(say not glitted!)
Necessity of lustre, the Jeweller's
principle. Brilliancy
of the |^^^|
jewellers proof of aptitude.
Of the needfulness of this
brilliancy, Rod of iron
man's conception is not
so strong as Corruptionists:
the less in force, the
greater the demand for delusion
as well as corruption.

265 or 7.

These implements, how
apply they to the excellence?
By causing it to exist, or
by causing it to be believed
to exist where it
does not? Where by its
non-existence, all the
storments of the subject
many are produced.

266 or 8.

In the eyes of both, evidence
of the excellence,
magnitude of the mass
of the instruments of
felicity, heaped on one
individual or a few.
On the correspondently
|^^^| state of
subject many's visual
organs depend both for
the successes of their imposture.
How long will they be thus falled?

---page break---

267 or 9.

By the success of these
impostures, added to
force, is produced the
differences between the
felicity, and misery
of Monarch-ridden

Must Monarchy with
its corruptive figures—
arguments in favour if it
259. 260. 261. 262.
Relation between the Advocate
of pure and mixt
262. 264. 268
266. 267.

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