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1822 May 20
Economy &c

Ch. Securities for Moral Aptitude
Power minimized
in highest grades
by dislocability, punibility

or 1.
Subordinate, by subjection
to punitive power, should
the possessors of the supreme
operative power
be to do. of the Constitutive
do.: the hands by which
the punitive power is
exercised being not those
of the Constituents themselves,
but those of their
next representatives.

or 2
Sufficient would not
in this case be subjection
to dislocative
power exercisible by
1. Punishment none –
profit from breach of
trust brought to net.
Feigned case suppose for
1. In Supreme Operations
Members 300.
2. Time of continuance
in office, one year.
3. Pay of each for that
time – £300.
4. Majority sufficient for
the breach of trust 200.
5. Cost of bribe of £500
given to each 100,000.
Parties by whom net
profit might be made
by giving such bribe.
1. Chief Executive functionary:
if thus made absolute
2. A foreign potentate,
harbouring hostile dispositions.

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Ch. Securities for Moral Aptitude
Power minimized
in highest grades
by dislocability, punibility

or 3.
As effectual as if to the
Members themselves
might the bribes be if
given to their connections.
True to acts taken
singly punishment could
not in this case be employed
to advantage.
but during the year,
suppose evil to a certain
amount produced,
and offices to a certain
amount conferred
or promised, a scrutiny
might be made, and by
means of it evidence
obtained sufficient for
grounding extensive punishment.

or 4.
Subordinate in all modes
must be the supreme
Executive in the highest
grade to the supreme
operative, legislative
included. (a)

4 (a.)
Modes of subordination
here applicable.
1. Subjection to power of
2. Subjection to power of
3. Subjection to power of
prevention applied to his
act. Frackenization.
4. Subjection to power of
sistation applied to his acts.
5. Subjection by power of
cessation or modification
applied to his instruments.

or 5.
Reasons. No more than
one functionary being supposed
located in the supreme
Executive Office.
1. But for this, the executive
functionary would have
a negative, or the legislative
and all other operations of
the supreme operative

---page break---

Ch. Securities for Moral Aptitude
Power minimized
in highest grades
by dislocability, punibility

or 5 contind.
2. Being but one, he wd.
be proportionably more
easily corruptible than
they: and being corrupted,
he might by the offices at
his disposal corrupt them.
See below.

or 6.
Feigned case, showing
how by Supreme Executive
Chief, if not subject
to punitive power, net
profit might be made by
breach of his trust, his
being dislocated notwithstanding.
President's annual
pay – £5,000.
2 years of continuance in
office, 4.
3. Total value of pay for
the 4 years £20,000.
Sum sufficient to compensate
for loss of pay and
patronage together, say £50,000.

or 7.
Modes of misrule and
breach of trust thus producible
1. Engaging the supreme operative
to join with him in substituting
to the here proposed
Government, a Monarchico-Aristocratical

or 8.
2. On being corrupted by an
Agent of a foreign state,
impairing the means of
defence in all shapes agst.
the hostile enterprises of that State.

or 9.
Supreme operatives dislocable
all together at any time
by Supreme Executive: successors
therefore located, as
by time.

or 10.
Reasons. Use to this substitute
Government might
they substitute an Aristocracy
hereditary in their
Example. English Long

---page break---

or 11.
True, if in league with
them, Supreme Executive
would not willingly dislocate
them. But, if demand
came, in wd. come
from Constituents petitions
in the multitude of which
he might behold materials
for a revolution destructive
of his power.

or 12.
2. In this mutual subjection,
is there nothing inconsistent,
incongruous, impossible?
A. No. Both arrangements
are arrangements for eventual
appeal to Constituents
from thier Agents. By them
by the hands of their Delegates
wd. the supposed
misdoers be in the respective
cases punished.
No repugnance in the supposition
of two servants,
each in execution of Master's
will, prepared at
any time to dislocate
and even punish the others.

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