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1822. May 16. Economy Ch.1 Aptitude its branches
S.2 Moral aptitude what


Moral aptitude here
a negative quantity;
absence, in as far as
may be, of the proper
propensity to sacrifice all
other interests to supposed
self-interest: i.e. to make
the sinister sacrifice.


So long as no endeavour
has place, no matter
what desire, what propensity.
Without some
hope, endeavours none.
Never does man labour
for that which in his
view is unattainable:
prevent hope, you prevent
endeavour; weaken
hope, you weaken
endeavour proportinably.
Sole unattainable
object here apply effectual
check to a desire
inate and unextinguishable.


In a Breast in which,
situation considered,
no such sinister hope
can have had place,
in such a breast, alone
can the endeavour
to discover and recommend
the form of government
most contributory
to the greatest
happiness have had
place? In this situation
is JB's. To abstain
from all endeavour
towards the sinister
sacrifice required in
him no self-sacrifice.

---page break---


Problem here requiring and
endeavouring to be solved
how to place rulers in a
situation in all points
such, that being without
hope of sacrificing greatest
happiness & to self-
happiness they may see
no course so conducive
to self-happiness as that
which is most conducive
to greatest happiness


Sources or elements of
self-happiness this obtainable
by legislative
draughtsmen & ruler.
1. Pleasure of sympathy
pleasure of seeing happy
those agents they

2. Pleasure of power:
pleasure of seeing great
effects produced by the exercise
of a man's in-
ward powers.

3. Pleasure of reputation
pleasure from the thought
of the respect and affection,
thence the incalculable
good offices and
corresponding services receivable
upon occasion
by the witnesses to the exercise
thus given to such


Though self-regard is
generally predominant
neither is social sympathetic
regard non-existent:
not to suppose self-regard
generally to predominate

---page break---

6 Contind.

not to suppose social-
regard existent, are both
errors; both the result
of the want of habit
of self-inspection. To be
entirely destitute of social
regard is not possible.
To be destitute of
the consciousness of it
is infirmity like that of
non-smelling or impotence
he who is not conscious
of it in himself will be
apt not to believe it
in others.


Applied whether to public
or private life, both
these opposite opinions are
erroneous in fact.
But from the or
which supposes all regard
but self-regard non-
existent, in the breast
of any public man,
no bad effect in practice
can be effected produced.

For in comparison of self-
regard, so weak is social
regard for this greatest
happiness &c. in the
breasts of public men in
general that no effect
from it should be anticipated.
Suspicion can not
be too intense or universal
in its application — no confidence
in moral aptitude
produced by any other cause
than impotence can fail
of being misplaced
confidence produced by profession
is dupery

---page break---

7 Contin'd.

The most
pretenders to a social
regard predominantly over
self-regard are the most
impudent of imposters.
Those who can pretend
to most social regard
have leash of it.
premeditating over self-
Quacks in medicine
are modest in comparison of these Quacks
in politics. Echoed by all
around are the vacents
of the enthroned.


Conclusion by moral aptitude,
little more is
meant... than
. the result

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