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1822. May 18
Economy &c

Ch. Securities for I. Moral Aptitude
§ Money minimized

Express a compact need
not be, where a virtual
is equally effectual. By
the Constitution itself is
said adequate compact
established. The species
being what it is, by no
words could mutual desires
be more fully made known
than they are by the relative
situations. Chief Executive
a man – to what legislature
can it be doubtful his
desire to see the offices
at his disposal as numerous
and richly endowed
as possible? Legislative
functionaries, men; – to
Chief Executive can it be
doubtful the desire of
each to see as numerous
and richly endowed as
possible, the offices he has
it in his power to obtain
for his dependents and
other relations?
By what course of conduct
then can either
more surely further
his own views than by
furthering those of the other?

For the good things at the
disposal of the Executive
every such Legislator having
a desire, while they
can not all of them equally
obtain what they
desire, there is an auction
established for those
his gifts – the biddings are
in votes, speeches and
motions favorable to his

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Ch. Securities for I. Moral Aptitude
Money minimized

Matter can no otherwise
be spoken of than by speaking
of mind.
For expressing such propensity
and practice, no
word more apt than corruption:
by corruption in
the physical sense,
is rendered so much the worse
for use, by do. in psychological
do. conduct. This is
not rhetoric but logic: of
the state of mind, conception
can not be conveyed or even
formed in any other mode.

In both senses, planting
corruption is unavoidable.
By sowing seed, by putting
male and female together,
corruption is prepared.
Against corruption, all
that can be done, is by
applying antiseptics. Corruption
has its acceleratives too as well as retardatives.

In every form of Governmt.
every functionary has a
propensity to sacrifice to
his peculiar the universal
interest: in a form which
has for its object greatest
happiness &c. this propensity
is as much as it is thought
possible, counteracted: in
every other, favoured.

Say I have never any desire
to obtain &c – as well
might you say, I have never
any desire to eat.
By legislature or judicature
or Duelling to seek to make
a man suffer for saying
of any other "he has such a
desire", is as just and
subservient to general
happiness in the one case
as in the other.

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Ch. Securities for I. Moral Aptitude
Money minimized

Adequate antisceptics unemployed,
conversion of
a non-despotic into a despotic
government is as sure
as conversion of flesh into
a putrid mass in a
humid and torpid

As in physical so in
psychological corruption,
by every fresh portion
of the ferment, progress
of the corruption is accelerated
– arithmetical or
geometrical, continual the
In the beginning, at Executive's
disposal say one
endowed office. By members,
expectation of that
office, establishment of
one other by the legislature
is produced. But by expectation
of two, it is
as easy to produce a
third, as by do. of one, to
produce a second.
Thus till subjugation
of Executive to Legislative
or rather of the people to
both is as uncontrolled
as in England.

Under the notion of excluding
or lessening corruption,
suppose a law
proposed for prohibition –
encrease of magnitude of
punishment or probability
of do. as applied to specific
acts of corruption. Of such
proposal, what would be
the object? diminution of
the corruption? No but

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17 contind.
but encrease: viz. by
producing in the public
mind belief of the existence
in functionaries' minds of a desire
which is impossible, and
of the probability of its
being effectual.

This though a security,
not the only one: above
was another; follows a
Not only to minimization
of aggregate of expence
does minimization of
money in this case contribute,
but to maximization
of intellectual
and active aptitude.

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