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1822 June 27 Economy Ch. Securities for Electoral Aptit
1. Power means available
mode of restriction
to what powers applicable

7. or 1.

These modes of restriction,
observe to what
powers respecting applicable.

1. Take the Supreme
To this, such is its
simplicity, if restriction
is applicable, it
can only be through do.
applied to the field of
operative power.

8. or 2.

Cloud hanging over the
source of power in
a state. By Constituents,
restriction may
be applied to the power
constituted by them:
to the power of their
operatives. But to
Constituents power, by
whom shall restriction
be applicable?
Of Constituents who
the Constituents?

9. or 3.

In fact, in a Constitutional
Case, the operatives
are Constituents
of the future
Constituents. By these
operatives, the initiative
function exercised: and the consumative
is left to be
exercised actively by future constituents
and operatives,
passively by
the acquiescence
of non-constituents.

---page break---

10. or 4.

Objections to restrictions
on power of operatives:
thence or do. of constituents.

1. Danger of anarchy and
its evils.

In such restriction is
contained a virtual declaration
that if the restriction
be broken, disobedience
of the Citizens
to the operative is
authorised and invited.
Such disobedience some
will manifest, others
not: here there is anarchy
and civil war,
each party to the other

11. or 5.

2. Inconsistency; the
less apt in morals and
intellectuals attempting
to impose chains on the
more apt: if these are
more apt than their
predecessors, so will their
successors be more apt
than they unless in either
time improvement is
at a maximum, and
even then the successors
will not be.

12. or 6.

Constitutional operatives
to which this difficulty

1. In a federative constitution,
tracing the limits
between the supreme
power in each
state, and the power of
the General Government

---page break---

12 or 6 contind.

In such a Constitution,
this is a matter of absolute

13. or 7.

2. Penning a Declaration
of Rights: viz. for security
and tranquillity to citizens
in their character of subjects.

14. or 8.

For obviating the danger attached
to this case, sole
resource, good temper
on both sides: guides to
understanding man in
power may receive without
invitation; chains to
his will, not.

15. or 9.

Under the cognizance
of judicatures may the
boundary lines between
General Government. Power
and Particular States
power be naturally expected
to cease.

16. or 10.

No so
Supreme Operative's power
and subject Citizen's
security as traced in a
Declaration of Rights.
Public opinion tribunal
is the Tribunal chiefly
looked to in this case.

17. or 11.

Indispensable in both
cases a body of laws
in terministhroughout
and rationalized: in terminis,
not that there
may be no doubt about
the words; nationalized,
that, if doubtful,
the doubt may be cleared
away by indication of

---page break---

the good aimed at:
the Code really existing
not imagined by each
one a different one, for
his own purposes.

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