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1820 July 9 1822 Aug. 4.

Constitut. code emancipation Spanish Part 2. corruptive influence

End of government
greatest happiness of
greatest number.

186 2.
Means, making every
man's duty his

187 3.
Involved in this is
every man's duty is
to contribute his utmost
to that happiness:
his own included.

Take any other end,
these will not the less
be the only means.
Example 1. end Monarch's
greatest happiness.

189. 5.
2. End, Greatest happiness
of the worthiest:
i .e. of the ruling, including
or not the otherwise
influential few.

190 6.
Punishment or reward, or both applied, implied
is the position
to contribute thus to
make every man's
duty his interest, is an
end intermediate to
the primary one; and
these are the means
to it.

191 7.
Problem throughout calling for solution,
how to make every
man's duty his interest.

---page break---

192 8. Case in which solution
is comparatively easy-
those whose duty is to be
made their interest,
those over whom the
powers of Government
are exercised.

193 9.
Case where it is comparatively
those by whom they
are exercised.

194 10.
Position assumed
But for the arrangements
taken for this
end, interest, in all to
whom punishment or
reward is to be made,
applicable, would be in
opposition more or less
probably effectual to
duty: else they would be
useless and needless

195 11.
True, in the one situation,
it must be taken
for true in the other, until
cause will be shown why
it should be less so.[note
cause will be shown
why it must be more
so] For the arrangements
necessary to solution in
this case see posted.

196. 12.
If, in numbers sufficient
to render the arrangement
interest, but for the
means taken for the
solution, stands opposed
to duty, it must be
that in the human
breast, generally speaking,
self-regarding in

---page break---

12 continu.d
interest is predominant
over regard for all others
together - over regard
for every social interest,
for greatest happiness
. for all duty consisting
in endeavour to
promote that universal

197 13.
Hence, position assumed
and acted upon-
in man self regarding
is predominant over
all other interest.

198 14. Case in which, to ensure
the truth of the
rule, a corresponding exception would be requisite-
if, in the situation
of those by whom
government powers are
exercised, self regard had
no place or were outweighted.
Whether this or the
contrary be true, see

199 15.
Note the following
positions that principles
on which the choice
between the best and
the worst government
depends may be placed
in the clearest points
of view. For proofs, see
margin or appendix.

200 16.
1. Self regarding interest
universally predominates.

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