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1820 May 26
Emancipation Spanish

§. 4. Rulers gainers
Factitious Dignity

22 17 or 1.
Profit, through the medium
of power, by factitious
dignity: i.e. respect
&c. produced by means
of it.

23 18 or 2.
Dignity is, in English,
worth: But factitious
dignity, in all shapes,
may have place without
worth in any.

24 19 or 3.
Natural dignity (what
is called so) has place
in proportion to a
man's supposed superiority
in those qualities
by which respect
is produced: independently
of any thing done,
in relation to him, by
another for that purpose.(a)

25 20 or 4.
By means of an association
of ideas, unhappily
one man can procure
much respect
for another to whom no
such qualities are so
much as ascribed.

26 21 or 5.
A title of honour is
the general name
of the instruments
by which this association
is produced.
In various countries,
shapes various.

27 or 6.
Combined it is with
money, power, or both.

*27 22 of 3(a.)
(a). On the principle
of utility, resect would
be in proportion as
general utility felicity
is purposely contributed
to: but, owing to
fancy, sinister interest
and interest begotten
prejudice, and
indigenous weakness,
it fails, in many instances,
of being so.

---page break---

§. 4. Rulers gainers
Factitious Dignity

28 23 7.
1. Mischievous, how.
Succedaneum, substitute,
bar to real worth: it operates
as a bounty on
worthlessness maleficence, on ill behaviour
in every shape.

29 24 8.
For, real worth is not
attainable but for self
sacrifice: what a man
can obtain without,
man will not yield
sacrifice for: by factitious
dignity he obtains
respect without sacrifice;
thence without real worth.

30 25 9.
Injurious, thus, in all
determinate ways, to all
collectively, so it is to each
individually. Two boys
see-sawing on a board
one can not rise but
the other sinks.

31 26 10.
By every titled man,
every untitled man
is robbed or cheated of a portion
of the respect due to

32 27 7*.
Worth is either bodily or
mental: mental is either
intellectual or moral: moral
is either effective benevolence
or self-regarding prudence.
Only in a mans effective benevolence
have other men any

33 28
Proportiioned to his own
conviction of his own
deficiency or real worth
will be too a mans anxiety, to give
continuance and encrease
to this false certificate
of worth.

---page break---

§. 4. Rulers gainers
Factitious Dignity

34 29 11.
Titles none, every man
is judged according to his
wishes works: titles established,
according to his title.

35 30 12.
Instead of good desert,
a title so far as it is evidence
of any thing is evidence
of ill desert – viz.
subservience to misrule.
Sole exception, military

36 31 13.
Even suppose by every
titled man, real public
service is done, more harm
does the title than good:
for, the least, is placed on
a level with the most,
meritorious: robbing the
latter of so much relative
respect as is his due.

37 32 14.
Conferred by a Monarch,
sure conduct it tends
to promote is sure to be
hurtful to universal interest.

38 33 15.
Monarch's interest, (per
result of this) is opposite
to universal do.
Every man is determined
by his interest, oro
his conception of do.: of
the moment, or of the
sum of life.
Therefore so Monarch's.

39 3416.
Less hurtful is is when
conferred by Monarch,
for subservience to his
private pleasures, than
when for do. to the interest
of the sum of life:
i.e. his public interest
which, as above, is sinister.

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