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1820 May 10
Emancipation Spanish

§. Factitious Dignity
for Monarchy

60 55 37 or 1.
Under every Government,
wealth must be diverted
from subsistence and
abundance, thence from
enjoyment to security.
But, security the same
the less the better.

61 56 or 2.
Under Monarchy other
purposes alledged as fit
1. Supporting the dignity
of the Crown, by means
of its splendour and

62 57 or 3.
Take away the splendour
&c., in this respect
the condition of the
Monarch would be that
of the U.S. President.

63 58 or 4.
– that of the people
that of the people of
U.S.: in so far as depends on
good Government,
the happiest people on

64 59 or 5.
[Add – Splendour taken]
away, there would remain
for securing obedience
more power by
far than is possessed
by the U.S. President.

65 60 or 6.
So much wealth as is
applied to this purpose
is diverted from national
subsistence abundance
and security,
to produce superabundance
to this one:
questionable whether
in him more felicity
is produced, than in
an an average do.

---page break---

§. Factitious Dignity
for Monarchy

66 61 or 7.
By no assertor of the
necessity of the existence
of this factitious dignity
to good government or
to government can it
be proved. No one can
tell what the word
means: what the thing
is: every one tells what
it is produced by: viz.
the splendor &c.

67 62 or 8.
No one can say how
or what national felicity
is produced by light
than reflected from one

68 63 or 9.
Contest it, they inform
you, you are a Jacobin
Act accordingly, or endeavour
to engage others
to act, or omitt to tell
of others so acting, they
make you be hanged:
then your bowels will
be torn out, if justice
prevails, before you are
dead, if mercy, not will

69 64 10.
Asserted object of the encrease
thus given to the
light thus reflected, encreasing
people's felicity.

70 65 11.
Real effect, what?
For the matter of wealth
external efficient cause
of felicity the appetite
is naturally insatiable.

71 66 12.
– the more ravenous
the greater the quantity
actually devoured.

---page break---

72 67 or 13.
Check none, devouring
continues, till no more
can be exacted by
no additional tax the
net quantity received encreased.

73 68 or 14.
As check, it must be
by opposite and corresponding
power in other
unchecking hands:
to the exaction their
consent necessary.

74 69 15.
No such check to any
extent but from checking
hands elected by
some portion of the
people: checking hands,
Representatives – electing
do. their constituents.

75 70 16.
Professed purpose of
such representation
checking hands to prevent
the unnecessary
diversion of wealth
from the subsistence
and abundance and
security of the possessors
to the use of the
chief functionary.

76 71 17.
Then their opinion, by
concurring in this diversion,
each will advantage
himself more upon
the whole than by
concurring in checking
it – i.e. by betraying
his trust, he will of course.

77 72 18.
In this case, the chief
functionary finds he
can obtain no plunder
without admitting them
to be sharers.

78 73 19.
When a Trustee gets
money by betraying
his trust, if he is
by situation punishable,
the cause of the treachery
is called corruption: if
unpunishable, influence.

---page break---

79 74 20.
Circumstances which concurr
in giving efficiency
to the matter and means
of corruption.
1. The same quantity
of the matter of wealth
employed as matter of
corruption, operates in
these ways.

80 75 21.
Example – useless pay
given to a man for
useless service employed
int he support of
factitious dignity – to a
Lord Chamberlain.
1. Gratification to the
pride of the chief.
2. To the other appetites
as well as the pride
of the servant.
3. Corrupting the servant
and causing him to concurr
in diverting public
wealth, from public subsistence
abundance &
security, to the pampering
the insatiable appetite
of the chief.

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