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1822 Aug. 29 Constitut. Code


In largest sense, corruption,
name of an operation
denoted change for worse
in the condition of the
subject it applies to: or result
of do. operations: viz.
the deteriorated condition
in which the subject is
placed: as having been
corrupted, and being
corrupt the subject is thereupon
spoken of.


Corruption, to break up
texture, rendering the article
less fit for use.


Corruptive influence
is the influence of any
person of thing operating
towards the production
of such effect.


Instrument of misrule
corruption is a fictitious
entity, subordinate agent
of that same fictitious
entity. So corruptive influence.


Misrule being exercised
over community by ruler
or rulers, the subject
is either person or thing.
If person, it may be
one over whom, or on
by whom the rule is


Without impropriety,
it might on this occasion
be applied to
..., those
over whom.

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More useful the considering
it as applied to those
by whom. Subject, if a thing
the frame or system of
Government a fictitious
entity employed to denote
the wish of those by whom
rule is, or those by whom
rule has been, exercised.


Effect on which the mischief
of every change
for the worse consists —
of every change by which
the Government is rendered
less fit for the its right
and proper use, is the
sinister sacrifice above


Means, operating or effecting
the sacrifice,
must in so far as operating
on the will be
good or evil-operating
as temptation or inducement


Without impropriety
evil might be supposed
and spoken of as thus
operating. Say, subordinate
a judge, threatened
by Chief or Monarch,
with death if he will
not deliver...
from an enemy, and
as such belonging to the
King, good taken by
force at sea from
unoffending foreigners.


Without impropriety
may in this case corruption
be said to have
1. By retributive...
of the injured foreigner,
universal interest sacrificed.

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11. contind.

2. viz. to particular &
sinister interest of
King thus self...
by ... depredation:
the fruit adjudged
to him by the judge
for fear of being killed.
Corrupting & corruptive
the King corrupted
the judge.


But by any such words
as the judge has been
corrupted by the King in
such sort as to enable
him to receive and enjoy
the pursuit of privacy
without incurring all
the odium, no such idea
would naturally be suggested
as that the instrument
of the corruption had
been the fear of being
killed. The hope of being
or benefit of having
been rewarded for example
with a share of the
booty is the only sort
of inducement which,
the word corrupted
could naturally be
brought to view: viz 1.
because... fear
of death would not be
so clearly disreputable
2. because by such...
more discontent would
be excited than by such

12 (a)

1. Not so improbable as
some may affect to think,
such caucion. In England
as in Turkey. Monarch
is Master of subjects lives:
intimidation of homicide
well given, well executed:
pardons signed.
2. Widow or orphan might
have stood in the way.
Act 1821 , removed the
obstacle: horror of
innovation cd. for such a
purpose be surmounted.

---page break---

12 (a) contind.

King asked and then received
power of killing
all his subjects. Sole limit
to omnipotence inability
of doing wrong when doing
it makes it right
3. Men whose lives were
thus devoted remained
motionless, instead of
preventing countless homicides
by a few useful
ones: motionless like the
booty binds.
4. Not so good as passion
represented, the bargain
made by Lords and
Gentlemen when to take
security from those they
had made enemies they
gave up their own
the General a King who
wants a third wife may
have her by making him
a... : this is less
trouble than setting a
man to assassinate or challenge
him: but exceptions
may arise. A judge may
be a coward: a juryman,
though packed, perverse
... can never
be depended on as or

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