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1822 Aug. 27 Constitut. Cod.

or 1.

Incorporeal instruments
peculiar to misrule
1. Corruptive influence
say corruption
2. Delusive influence
say Delusion
3. Fiction.

or 1. (a)

Not logical this
Corruption is remuneration:
fiction delusion.
Language is the
of manners.
Made at different time,
long before clearness
given to ideas.
But though not logical,
it is indispensable.
For of corruption
will be found
that which is not
of allurement
in all cases:
so if fiction, in regard
to delusion.


By corruption at large
may be undetected
evil produced on the
will by any instrument
of misrule: viz
by matter of good operating
(as does reward)
and with effect by pleasurably
inviting influence
giving thereby or
tending to give
to the sinister sacrifice:
Either by such influence,
or by intimidation
or both, unless
it be by delusive do.

---page break---

or 2 contind.

if made, be made
made by prospect of
evil without prospect
or receipt of good in
any shape by intimidation
without corruption
is it made.

or 3.

Case where corruption
and intimidation
join in producing
the mischievous effect.
Matter of good given
power reserved of taking
it back.

or 4.

But of the whole
field of intimidative
influence, this part
which thus belongs
in common to that
and do. forms
but a small part

or 5.

Matter of corruptive
influence may operate
purely or in conjunction
with intimidation do.
Case 1. Matter of good
first given: but then
or afterwards fear produced
of its being taken
Case 2 the reverse.
Matter of evil or fear
of it, first applied -
then removal in hope
of removal of it, as
in case of

---page break---

or 6.

By corruptive influence
is due towards
the production of
misrule, whatever is
not due by force,
intimidation, or delusion.

or 7.

Seen here the cause,
with some anticipation
of the vastness
and malignity of the

But so fine are the
threads by which the
connection is formed,
for the obtaining
a clear and correct
view of it, attention
would be necessary.

or 8.

Sole condition necessary
to the production
of sinister sacrifice
by corruptive
influence. From an
act productive of good
to individual interest
a greater evil
produced to universal
interest - the agent
having it in his power
to avoid the act.
To produce the evil
effect by corruptive influence
no individual
more than one
is absolutely necessary
viz: he by whom
the good is received,
though individuals
concerned may be in
any number.

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