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1820. Aug. 24. 1822 Aug. 4 Constitut. Code Spanish

S.4. Corruptive influence

S. 4 Corruptive influence

84. 36. 24 or 9.

The more matter of corruptive
influence, the nearer
the period of pure despotism.
By the dominion it
would be more than doubled.
Population greater; and, being
more dispersed, more
funtionaries would be required.

85.37. 25 or 10.

True, under Constitution,
great defalcations by the
popular composition of the
provincial deputations,
and subprovincial ayuntamientos:
given not to? a King, or King
and Council, but to the people
through the three ranks
of intermediate electors.

86.38. 26 or 11.

Yet all the patronage, composing
lucrative offices,
will be in other hands: in
1. Household,
2. Ecclesiastical establishmentt
3. Judicial establishment,
4. Army,
5. Navy,
6. Foreign department,
7. Financial establishment,
8. Education department.

87.39. 27 or 12.

In no instances, but the
Ecclesiastical and Judicial,
are the hands mentioned
in which the patronage
shall be: viz. King and
Council: King choosing
the functionary out of the
three presented by Council.

Of his household the offices
will naturally be in his
nomination, at least in
a greater degree than any

Vast the sum already
allotted to the household.
How, consistently with
this, the necessary services
can be provided for,
seems inconceivable.

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S. 4 Corruptive influence

88.4. 28 or 13.

The whole public expenditure
is but a part of the
matter fit and likely to be
made matter of corruptive
influence, in virtue of the
hands it is lodged in. In
no other state did this matter
so strongly require to be minimized:
to the financial
considerations, by which
frugality is prescribed, in
every government, are added
the constitution do. in
this. Principles as to this
are in readiness: but must
here be omitted.

89. Conclusion
Conclusion? 41 or 29

In no other state has the
conjunction been so favourable.
After such misrule &
misery solicitude for individual,
is absorbed by do.
for that universal benefit
without which no individual
would be secure. What,
in England, would be ruin
would, in Spain, be comfort.
Where nothing has been
secure, the smallest secure
provision will be a blessing.
To a functionary, before whose
eyes soldiers have been seen
for years without pay, those
who have not perished being
preserved by chance, a
lot reducing him from precarious
superfluity to certain
subsistence, would
not be unfortunate.

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