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Constitutional Code. Emancipation Spanish.
1820 June 28. 1822 Aug 4

§. Corruptive influence
Persons operated on.

125. 23.
Thus King, Lords,
and Commons
together, every act of
power exercised on
the people by men
whose interest is, in
almost all things,
point-blank opposed
to them.

126. 24.
Of these, together, with
functionaries of the
Executive, including
Administrative and
Judicial, are composed
the ruling few.

127. 25.
In a mixt Monarchy,
of functionaries
considered as trustees
for the people, sole use
operating as a check
on Monarch. People
the only party to whose
prejudice, in this case,
breach of trust can

128. 26.
In a pure Monarchy,
no such trustees:
therefore no such
breach of trust.

129. 27.
By persons other than
the Monarch, yes:
not by him can they
be corrupted
from being
his, no need he of
an instrument so
willy costly, and comparatively
precarious, as
corruptive influence.

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§. Corruptive influence
Persons operated on.
130. 28.
Hence, is pure
Monarchy pure from
corruption, as well as

131. 29 or 1.
2. Effect produced by the
This, unavoidably,
already shewn — breach
of trust.
In representatives
of the people, joining
in supporting Monarchs
particular, thence
sinister, interest, at the
expence of the universal.

132. 30. or 1.
3. Persons operating:
exercising corruptive
influence; thence,
producing breach of trust.
On this head, more or
less unavoidably said

133 31 or 2.
Parties to the breach
of trust all the trustees
who reap, or contemplate
reaping benefit
from it.

134. 32 or 3.
Anglicé, persons
constantly occupied in
the endeavor and
practice of producing,
by corrupting influence,
breach of trust
in people's representatives.

1. All connected with
them by special interest
or sympathy. Children,
relatives, friends, dependents.

---page break---

§. Corruptive influence
Persons operated on
Instrument operating<p>32 or 3 contind.
2. Monarch.
3. Functionaries all
under the Monarch.
4. Lords
5. Great Landowners
and their connections
6. All others looking to
receive the matter of
corruption in any shape.

135. 33 or 4.
For the matter of
corruption to exercise its
full effect, no need of
any actively employed
Corruption is like
Caleph razors
that shaved of themselves.

136. 34 or 5.
The poison finds its
way into the heart
without need of a hand
to guide it.

137. 35 or 6.
For the cause of this
spontaneous action,
see the next but
one — means & mode
of operation.
(Parson Hay. Copley,
Warren, etc.)

138. 36 or 1.
4. Instrument operating:
viz, always of
, as above: sometimes
under a directing
hand — matter of
good — composed of the
aggregate of the external
instrument of
felicity, in whatever
shapes. (See above.)

139. 37. or 2.
In possession, a source
of enjoyment: in
expectancy, an object
of desire: so, if no
possession, the desire of
retaining, coupled with
the fear of losing, acts
still more strongly
than when it is in
expectancy only.

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