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1820 June 27 1822 Aug 4 12
Constit. Code
§. 8. Corruptive influence
1. Persons operated on

§. Corruptive influence
1. Persons operated on

113. 11.
Persons operated on
1. Trustees, their general
Here the people are
those for whom they
are in trust.

114. 12.
Under every government
this situation
has place.
1. In a purely despotic
monarchy, all
other functionaries
trustees, Monarch the
only person for whom
they are in trust.

115. 13.
Asiaticé this maintained
without disguise.

116. 14.
Europpeanné, in
practice, yes: in theory,
uniformly and steadily,

117. 15.
When heir apparent,
present English
Monarch acknowledged allowed
himself trustee for the
people. Really a trustee,
he would be removable
for breach of trust:
which, the Constitution
unchanged, he
notoriously is not. This,
then, was but a way
of speaking:
[designed to please
Whigs, whose deceptive
language this is.

---page break---
§. Corruptive influence
1. Persons operated on

118. 16.
2. In a mixt Monarchy,
in which are men
all stiled representatives
of, and a few
appointed and removable
by the people,
these men are stiled,
and some profess themselves,
Trustees for the

119. 17.
Of trusteeship, at least
of any use desirable
to any person other
than the trustees, it is
of the offence that, for
the benefit of those
for whom he is in
trust, the Trustee shd.
be removable.

120 18.
1. In English Common's
House, in profession
all representatives are
appointed, and removable,
by those for whom etc:
in fact, none but a
small minority,
never large enough to
produce any effect:
the great majority
are, like the Monarch,

121. 19.
2. Of Lord's House, no
Member appointed or
removable by the people.

---page break---
§. Corruptive influence
1. Persons operated on

122 20.
In a rhetorical flourish,
Monarch alone
has acknowledged
himself Trustee for the
people. Lords not ever
thus. Sole professed
object and use of their
power, maintaining
itself. In vain would
they pretend it of any
use to the people:
never could they shew
any the smallest:
point blank opposite
is their interest to people's.

123 21.
Spaniards, felicitate
yourselves that you
have no House of Lords,
no functionaries
irremovable by people:
not even Monarch.

124 22.
Small is the mischief
doable by Lords as such,
compared with that
done by them as
patrons nominating
Members of Common's
House. With others,
sharers in the same
sinister interest, they
compose a constant
majority there. Common's
House is a second Lord's

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