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1821 Dec. 10 21
Codification Proposal Constitut. Code
Supreme Operation
Relation between
Monarch and Sub-
Aristocrats interest

§. 3. Monarch's and Aristocrats

174* 42 or 24 or 5
Relation between
Monarch's and Aristocracy's
aggregate interest.

I. Money. Monarch's interest,
plunderage at a maximum.
So Aristocracy's, except in so
far as taken from them.

175 43 or 25 or 6.
II. Power. Monarch's
interest, despotism at a
maximum. So Aristocracy's
in so far as they are
exempt from it, and sharers
in it.

176 44 or 26 or 7.
III Factitious dignity.
Monarch's interest that it
be at a maximum. So
Aristocracy's in the aggregate.

But of each individual
it is the interest that of
individuals in ranks below
his own, their number
be at a maximum:
but of do. in his own rank,
and those above it, at a
minimum: the more the
sharers, the less the value
of each share.

177 45 or 27 or 8.
Means of conciliation.

I. Money.
The more he gives them,
the more he will be
content to see them take.

II. So power:

III. So factitious dignity.

178 46 or 28 or 9.
More valuable in their
eyes their share in
Monarch's sinister, interest
than their do. in
universal interest. Money
comes all in a lump:

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§. 3. Monarch's and Aristocrats

178 46 or 28 or 9.
taxes creep on in dribbles.
Value of their chance
for the money etc. is
increased in their eyes
by a man's opinion of
his own merit, and
confidence in his own
good fortune.

179 47 or 29 or 10
II. As to power, for best
chance of it, what this which he
shares with the few,
naturally will he give up
the security he shares
with the many: by
obsequiousness toward humbling himself
before one or a few, he
causes many to humble be
obsequious towards themselves before him.

180 48 or 30 or 11.
Thus to every aristocrat,
greatest number are
naturally objects of aversion
and contempt: more
so than to Monarch's:
his situation raising
him above the rubs to
which aristocrats
expose him.

181 49 or 31 or 12
Thus fewer Aristocrats
would give up privileges
than Monarch's
prerogative altogether.

182 50 or 9 32 or 13
In English Houses, few
but would prefer
Monarchy as in Austria
to Democracy as in

---page break---
Appendix 3

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