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1821 Dec 10 21
Codification Proposal
Supreme Operation
Relation between Monarch's
and Legislators interest

§. 4. Monarch's and Legislators

183 42 or 1 33. or 1.
Relation between Monarch's
interest and legislative
Aristocracy's do.

Note on this aristocracy
depends the existence of
the whole stock of objects
of general desire having
place at community's

184 52 or 2. 34. or 2.
I. Monarch's interest is
that, of the whole stock,
his own consumption
excepted, the aggregate shall
operate on legislature in
the way of corruptive
influence: viz. that the whole
and thence his share,
may be maximized.
Legislature's interest

185 43 or 35 or 3.
In so far as this influence
takes effect, these
Agents and Trustees
betray the interest of the
principals: to a
proportionable amount the
sinister sacrifice is made.
Every act contributing to it,
is in _____ of hostility
to the community: whose
resentment, in so far as
they understand it to be
so, is assured.

186 44 36. or 4.
Hence it is their joint
interest to concurr in
whatever measures
promise to prevent the
hostile effect of the
measures in question from
being observed by those
to whom they are

---page break---
§. 4. Monarch's and Legislators

187 45 or 37. or 5.
Course contributory to
this purpose, joining in
prohibitory and punitary
arrangements, inhibiting
particular communications
for the purpose
of corruption or

By this course, the
amount and effect of the
corruptive influence
is not really diminished:
though in appearance
is produced perhaps if
not an actual diminution,
at any rate a
wish and endeavor to
effect it.

188 45 or 38. or 6.
Suppose all such
communications prevented,
the efficiency of the
instruments of corruptive
influence is not lessened.
Wishes are as effectually
manifested by relative
situation as by words.
So likewise the interest
which the one has in
complying with the wishes
of the other.

By the uncertainty
that what will satisfy the
Monarch etc. the exertions
of the Representatives
are made greater than
they would be if the
quality that would
satisfy were liquidated.
By interdiction of
acceptance, no diminution
of corruptive influence
is effected. Gift
to a man's relatives can

---page break---
§. 4. Monarch's and Legislators

188 46 38. or 6. contind.
not be interdicted:
and from gift to
relative, a man may
receive as much advantage
as from do. to himself.

189 47 39. or 7.
Proposed Laws for
pretended diminution of
such influence are
common. Real objects of

1. To obtain ungrounded
and _____ confidence.

2. Causing men, from
the notorious inefficacy
of the pretended
remedy, to regard the evil
as incurable: which
it is not.

48 40. or 8.
Proof of its being curable
case of U.S.

190 59 or 41. or 9.
Sure but sole remedy.

1. Causing the alleged
Representatives of the
people to be really chosen
by the greatest number.

2. Causing them to be
displaceable by non-reelectee
after a short term of service.

3. Minimizing the
of corruption within their

3. Abolishing the office
of a chief functionary
irremovable by the people,
and with the whole
or a great part of the
official establishment etc.
in the character of a
corruption fund, at
his disposal.

Under a Monarchy,
suppose a body of people
Representatives on

---page break---
191 41 or 9 contind.
on Radical Reform
principles. Would this
suffice to cause greatest
happiness etc. to be
taken for the end of
government as in U.S.?
Before experience
answer difficult:
probably not.

As set succeeded to set,
the majority in each
would yield to corruptive
influence: by
corruption, each would
gain to an indefinite
amount: by displacement
no one would lose.
Displacement in case of
acceptance would do
nothing: a man could
not be displaced for
money etc. accepted by
a relative.

To every office etc. for
one possessor, there are
numberless expectants.

192 42 or 10.
Only in an unimmediate
way, by this means
would the end be
accomplished: eyes opened,
people, to a form of government
which could not
have, will substitute
the only one that can
have for its end the
greatest happiness etc.

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