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1822 Feb. 16. 31
Codification Offer

Ch. V.

268 or 1.
Every one has a share
in Universal interest.

269 or 2.
— community a
peculiar do.: liable to be
opposite to universal do.:
thence sinister.

270 or 3.
At each moment,
conduct is the result of
predominant interest.

271 or 4.
Ruling and influential
few a community
within each community —
their interest liable
and apt to be sinister.

272 or 5.
Of influentials that are
not rulers, not
considerable the influence.
Ordinary, it acts in the
same direction as do.
of rulers: incidentally
it may be opposed to it
and act with some

273 or 6.
One excepted, under
every form of Government,
ruling few's power
is either at a
maximum or on the

274 or 7.
Rulers power at its
maximum, sinister
sacrifice consummated,
subject many's
felicity at its maximum.

275 or 8.
Sole form excepted,
that in which operatively
ruling few are
all placed, and at short
intervals displaceable
by subject many: power,
operative in ruling
few; constitutive, in
Subject many.
Example, U.S.

---page break---

Ch V.

276 or 9.
In U.S. desire as to
sinister sacrifice same
as elsewhere: but by
absence of hope, desire is
Say rather killed: for
without some hope,
desire none.

277 or 10.
Where subject many
have no constitutive
power with relation
to any branch of operative
power, the sacrifice
is compleat.

278 or 11.
Where they have it only
as to a branch of the
operative power, the
sacrifice is continually
on the increase, till
the mixt government
is pure.

279 or 12.
In this case, small is
the quantity of independent
power i.e. lodged in
hands not so displaceable
that suffices for consummation
of the sinister
sacrifice: the power including
the disposal of
money, with or without
other instruments
of felicity.

Sufficient not
specifyable: sufficient
certainly U.S. Presidents
do. if he not displaceable.

280 or 13.
Considering its efficacy
in causing breach of
trust in people's
Representatives, instruments
of felicity in
such indispensable
hands constitute the
matter of corruptive

---page break---

Ch V.

281 or 14.
Course taken by this
matter in producing
its effect.

Undisplaceable hands are
1. a monarch's: or
2. an aristocracy's.

The power may be the
whole in possession of
either: or in any proportion
divided between

Take the simplest case,
the whole is Monarch's.

282 or 14(a:)
Aristocracy i.e.
government of the best:
the name invented by
them and their dependents:
in fact, the worst: except
where intellectual culture
is absent.

283 or 15.
Instruments etc. objects etc.
Money, power, with or
without factitious dignity.

Say money for matter
of wealth.

284 or 16.
Occasion on which they
are given by Monarch.
1. Offices. 2. Commissions,
3. Donations. 4. Dignities.
Factitious dignity,
evidence of Monarch's favor,
earnest of the other
instruments of felicity.

285 or 17.
Such mixt system
established, people's power
and welfare goes on
diminishing at both ends.
1. How people are drained
of money.

For their own use, or
what comes to the same
thing their connections,
Representatives can not
alone extract money from
the people. But with
concurrence of monarch
they can in any quantity.

---page break---

Corruption—matter of
280. 281. 282. 283. 284.
285. 286. As small
pages and main pages
Small pages. 284. 285. 286
Main pages.

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