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Codification Offer

1822 Feb 16.


286 or 18.
Forms in which it is
thus extractible.

1. Attached to useful &
needful offices and

2. To do. useful, but
not needful.

3. to do. useless.

4. to pretence of do.
Quantity in case of
useful, with or without

287 or 19.
In all those forms,
in the least expensive
&c. objects &c. good Gifts
are at Monarch's disposal.

Representatives, without
whom he can not
extract the money,
being able and necessarily
willing to receive
at his hands by theirs
or their connections
such good gifts, to place
the disposal in such
hands is to establish
a fund of corruptive

288 or 20.
From the first
establishment commences sinister
sacrifice. To compleat
conversion of
this mixt into a pure
Monarchy, no punishable
act of corruption
is necessary. By nothing
he can say can it be
made more certain
to any man that in so
far as his assistance
is necessary to the extraction,
he will pay
him for it: no more
than to show people he
is a man a placard
on his back with wd
word man is necessary.

---page break---

289 or 21.In the correspondent
case are Representatives.

290 or 22.
To establish a compleatly
efficient system
of corruptive influence,
no special
intercourse between the
parties is necessary:
no more than to carry
on the business of a
shop, it is necessary for
a shop-keeper to address
himself to passengers

291 or 23.
To establish such mixt
government, is to set
up a partnership concern.
Head partner,
Monarch; Juniors Representatives.

Subject matter, the extractible
portion of people's
substance: the blood that
can be sucked without

292 or 24.
Main pipes through which
the blood is drawn, wars
and distant dependencies.
Wars employable every
where: dependencies only
in particular situations:
but their sinister use, has
made those situations

293 or 25.
Wars and dependencies
produce each other: both
are as conducive to
national felicity, as a bloody
flux to individual health.
Main pipes, as above.
In all pipes, offices, commissions,

---page break---

294 or 26.
II. How people are drained
of liberty, and power of
resistance to the other
As the drain of money
with the oppression necessary
to it encrease,
their suffering encreases.
They see themselves
betrayed by representatives,
injured by them
and monarch: thence
continually encreasing
dissatisfaction, discontent,
expression of do.: endeavour
in this or that shape
to secure themselves against
endless encrease.

295 or 27. + Public Office

Useless their power of placing
and displacing Representatives,
except in so
far as they know how
they have acted in their
trust: of this trust, one
man's main portion is—watching
the conduct of Monarch
and his subordinates.
Impossible any such adequate
knowledge without
unlimited freedom of
public discussion in all
shapes. Incompatible with
such freedom is punishment
for true indication
of relevant matter of fact,
or for any expression of disapprobation
as to rulers.
By punishment inflicted
on one side, error, worse
than ignorance, is kept up.

---page break---

§. To the consummation
of the corruptive system an
act of corruption is
288. 289. 290. 291.
Progress of encrease of
fine and intimidation
hand in hand with

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