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1822 Feb. 7 33
Codification Offer

§ Members corrupt Developmt

296 or 1.
II. Except where for the
attainment of the end,
(greatest happiness etc.)
U.S. principle is applied
as a means. viz.
functionaries all placed
and promptly enough
displaceable by greatest
number, rare and short
lived state of things.
Say a particular
conjuncture excepted, all
operative functionaries
are under the dominion
of a particular and
sinister interest: to this
sinister interest this
open mode of legislation
will be an efficient
and indispensable

297 or 2.
During this crisis,
suppose a body of proposed
law having for its end
greatest happiness etc.
published, legislators
may, by fear of people's
ill opinion and resentment
be engaged to
adopt such beneficial
arrangements as, if
left to themselves, they
would not have adopted.

298 or 3.
The favourable
conjuncture what – after
misrule, the power
entered upon by new
rulers, and a large portion
of the subject many
let into a share:
former rulers divested
of a part of their power & –
other part in the
same form left, or in a
new form given to them.

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Members corrupt Development

299 or 4.
Hence, in the former,
against the new rulers
irritation towards the
authors of the loss less sharp:
so in all attached to them
by force of habit: no
government so hostile
to greatest happiness
but by this form many
would be attached to it.

300 or 5.
Here then between
former and new rulers
civil war of minds:
whatsoever were
language and open
deportment: former
rulers striving to regain
their lost power; new,
to consolidate and
increase theirs.

301 or 6.
During this civil war,
new rulers feel themselves
dependent on the
people: people ceasing
o be for them, to their
present power might
succeed former suffering,
much worse, were people
against them.

302 or 7.
They sensible or not
to that dependence, it
would not the less be

303 or 8.
But for such favorable
conjuncture, no
s uch proposal as this:
no sufficient encouragement
for it: particularly
none of the proposed
open mode.

Legislators prefer the mode

---page break---

Members corrupt Development

or 8 contind.
mode in which this
service is open to all
your fellow citizens to
this close mode by which
you alone speaking,
silence is imposed on
all of them.

304 or 9.
Civil war ended,
combatants enter into
alliance against the people:
mutual hostility and
f ears subsided, both
sides yield to the universal
propensity: the
insatiable appetite for power etc.

305 or 10.
In the alliance treaty
is a partition do.:
subject matter the extractible
part of the labour of
the productive classes.

306 or 11.
Under the former system,
the mine was worked
by Monarch alone:
now by Monarch and Co.
for joint account: Co.
being certain branches
of the Aristocratical

307 or 12.
The articles of the treaty
nd partnership are do.
of the Constitutional Code.
To Monarch, such a share
in possession: so much
more in patronage:
subject matter of the
patronage, lucrative offices,
distributed among Co.
and their connections.

---page break---

Conjunction at which
the right and proper sacrifice
may have place
296. 297. 298. 299. 300
301. 302

The Period at which the
right and proper sacrifice
terminates: the sinister
taking place of it.
304. 305. 306. 307.

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