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1822 Jany 22.
Codification .

§. 5. Admission Universal
Members unapt.

9. 308.
Predominant in
man is self-regard:
therefore in rulers.
Sacrifice of do. to social
regard on a public
scale, is only produced
rarely by some extraordinary
exciting cause.

10. 309.
Nothing therefore but
inability prevents
rulers any where from
constantly making the
sinister sacrifice.

11. 310.
Inseparably attached
to situation of Monarch
and eve Member of every
branch of the
Aristocracy is a sinister

12. 311.
Readily recognized in
themselves by few these
causes of inaptitude:
in others, by all: viz in
all adversaries, and some
friends: and, sides changed,
friends become adversaries.

13. 312.
1. In pure Monarchy,
not acknowledged by
self or instruments in

2. In mixt Monarchy,
such as French &
English, acknowledged not
in Monarch, but in
his instruments.

3. In a government
professing liberal opinions
i.e. permanent regard
for greatest happiness etc.
it is acknowledged in

---page break---

Members unapt

1. Vain the Excuse.
By no one would the
invitation be accepted.

1. If accepted by none,
legislators magnanimity
is manifest without
bad consequences.

2. If accepted, and matter
apt for correcting
imperfections in official
draught, then there is use.

3. If no such matter,
even there is use: by the
contrast, Official draught's
aptitude is placed in a
light meritedly
advantageous to it.

2. Vain the plea.
Be the unofficial
draughts ever so numerous
and so excellent
fruitless they will be
by your supposition:
by the sinister interest
all benefit from them
will be excluded.

3. Vainly would it be
said – This would
confound Representatives
with Constituents:
giving back the power
reposed. Misconception
this: a service, a function,
yes: a power not,
nor any share in one.
Sweeping Legislation
Chamber, no power
but over boards.
(See elsewhere.)
---page break---
<p>Members unapt

4. Vain the plea.
Admission unexampled:
No wonder. Admission
supposes predominance
of regard for greatest
happiness &ampc. or at least
profession of it. U.S.
excepted, even the profession
is unexampled.
As a flower of rhetoric,
yes: as the ground
of a system of legislation,
as a standard to
which laws and
measures shall be
applied, no.</p>

As a flower of rhetoric
recognized in the H. of
Commons in the
mouths of Kings: as a
ground or standard scouted.

18. 314.
Intensely sensible is JB.
to the repugnance of
acceptance to sinister
interest: shown however
it is by experience not
to be impossible.

19. 315.
This, with rationale, is
in legislators a conclusive
test of appropriate
aptitude. Refusal,
conclusive proof of relative
inaptitude: avowal
of predominance of
sinister interest: of
disregard for greatest
happiness &c.

Where, after this notice,
the invitation is omitted,
the omission is a certificate
that there greatest
happiness etc. is not the
end in view, the ground
the standard &c.: sinister
interest predominant.

---page break---

Sinister interest
acknowledged by name
310. 311. 312. 313.

5. Vain the plea – Adoption
hopeless. See 12. 13

Before such notice,
natural the close mode:
natural whatever is
customary, especially if
uninterruptedly: and
so far blameless. But<lb/ >customariness is not
contributoriness to greatest
happiness &c.: and when
notice of this is received,
all plea from custom is
gone: proof of breach of
trust insincerity, &
inaptitude is

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