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1822 Feb 8. 36
Codification Offer

§. 5. Admission Universal
Members Unapt

321 or 1.
1. In every human breast
does this propensity bear
sway: self regarding
affection prevalent over
social as well as dissocial.

322 or 2.
2. Therefore in every
ruling breast.

323 or 3.
3. In every ruling breast
two interests: 1. share in
universal interest.
2. particular and
personal interest.

324 or 4.
4. So far as its action is
opposed to that of the
universal interest, every
particular interest is
sinister: every interest
not exactly coinciding
with universal do.

325 or 5.
5. If not as a universal,
this good as a general rule:
failing assignable causes
of exception, by greater
not lesser number of
instances is prudence

326 or 6.
6. To every man objects
of desire all the external
instruments of felicity
in the greatest quantity

327 or 7.
List of them to the present
1. Wealth.
2. Power.
3. Factitious dignity where
4. Preeminent reputation.
5. Vengeance so far as
6. Ease, so far as compatible
with possession and
enjoyment of the rest.

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§. 5. Admission Universal
Members Unapt Development

328 or 8.
7. By no man can any
one of them be possessed
and enjoyed but at the
expence of other men:
viz. in so far as that
which one has, others
have not: not one therefore
but is the object of
general competition.

329 or 9.
Sole government by which
greatest happiness &c. is
the end aimed at, that in one
which the operative rulers
are placed and at short
intervals by the action,
immediate or unimmediate
of their fellow
citizens displaceable.

330 or 10.
In this state of things, no
person exists who to the
prejudice of the universal
is in a condition to
prosecute with effect
his particular and
personal interest.

331 or 11.
Suppose one functionary
at whose disposal are
in a certain quantity
the objects of general
desire so situated as not
to be displaceable as
above, he is in a condition
to prosecute with effect
his own sinister interest.

332 or 12.
This functionary exists
in every Government
in which there is an
irremoveable chief:
such government is a
monarchy — he the

---page break---
§. 5. Admission Universal
Members Unapt, Development

333 or 13.
If at all times all other
functionaries are
displaceable by him, the
monarchy is pure: if any
one that is not so, mixt.

334 or 14.
Monarchy pure or
mixt, monarch's is a
sinister interest.

335 or 15.
Of every mixt monarchy,
the tendency is to
become pure:
tranquility continuing,
such tendency can not
fail of effect.

336 or 16.
Of sinister interest
coupled with power, sure
ultimate effect,
consummation of sinister
sacrifice: drainage

337 or 17.
The consummation
has place when by
every by no addition
to the quantity endeavoured
to be can any
be made to do. actually

338 or 18.
In every pure monarchy,
at all times taxation
is at its ne plus
ultra for that time

339 or 19.
In every mixt monarchy,
if not arrived at,
it is tending to that
point. From such
tendency in government
comes correspondent
repugnance in people:
then for surmounting
such repugnance,
encrease of power,
till all power of
resistance being taken
away, the mixt
monarchy is become

---page break---

§. 5. Admission Universal
Members Unapt

Self-preference its
321. 322. 323. 329
Its relation to sinister interest.

Monarch, his power and
will sooner or later to
consummate the sinister
331. 332. 333. 334. 335
336. 337. 338. 339.

Former remains after effective
limitations have ceased.

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