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1822 July 1.
Constitut Code Supreme Operative
1. Monarch
2. Intellectual

17. +
II. Intellectual inaptitude.
This too is here maximized.
Moral inaptitude as
above, all capable of
being done towards greatest
happiness of greatest
number, is —
saving the people from
such unhappiness
the production of what
is in Monarch's eyes
not necessary to his
own greatest happiness.
Small, however, at
the utmost is this

Witness the condition
of Prussia under
Frederic the Great as
described by Sir Charles
Stanbury Williams
in Earl of Oxfords
Memoirs 1822.

18. +
But in comparison of
others having liberal
education, appropriate
aptitude of Monarchs
can not but be at the

True, of a certain
sort, man
being though in a
throne necessarily
subject to government,
knowledge is
commonly injected into
a Monarch.
But of what sort?

19. +
Moral what it is,
little material
Monarch's degree of
intellectual inaptitude
only to sinister sacrifice
wd his aptitude
be applied.

---page break---

20. +
Moral inaptitude rendering
it certain that in a
receptacle so situated
nothing contributory to
greatest happiness etc. wd
be so employed, no
matter with what rubbish
filled. Good would
not be received into it:
evil will not do the more
harm for being received
into it: since if not there,
it will be in Ministers
do, by whom it will
more in detail,
be kept in better
order, and more effectually
be put.

21. +
To Monarch it belongs
to find will: to Minister
knowledge and judgment
for giving it execution and
effect — upon occasion,
invention. To Monarch
to do this requires more
labour than in that
situation man can find
inducement for.
Therefore by no knowledge
or judgment injected
into Monarch will the
shock applied to the
business of government
receive encrease.

22. +
Knowledge which by no
man will ever be injected
into man in that
situated, is do that the
greatest happiness principle
is the only proper
end of government: for
included in it is — an
exclusion put on
Monarchy: invitation

---page break---

22. +
invitation to substitute
representative democracy.
No such advice
will __________ give:
to public unavailing:
to his own prospects,

23. +
Substituted suppose the
advice — yes: our
happiness is the only
proper end of government,
no evil is done: advice
to the contrary, words
thrown away.

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