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1822. July 1st
Constitut Code Rationale Supreme operative
1. Monarch
2. Intellectual

37. or 14. +
Example 2. Gratifications
for favorites of
both sexes, associates in
and instruments of,
pleasure in all shapes.
For a dependent of
his or her own, a
favorite wants an
office in Monarch's gift.

38. or 15. +
Depredation, oppression,
misery go on
their course: hence
disturbance to
Monarch's ease. From
sympathy for the
sufferers, no: this
not more
than Sensible.
But by rival tale
bearers results are
whispered, by which
Monarch's ease is

39. or 16. +
Example 1. Committed
this or that depredation,
in the profit of
which Monarch has
no share, or no
sufficient share: neither
by self nor favourite.
By such misdeed, displeasure
might not be
incapable of being
produced in Monarch's
mind. By a tale to
this effect, a tale bearer
might hope to
promote his purpose.

40. or 17. +
Not so by tale of a
misdeed by which Monarchs
sinister interest on a
favourites do was promoted
whatsoever the
misery produced in the
people, were it to end

But among the
sufferers misery and
despair might at any time
produce an assassin.
Strange if among so
many hundred thousands,
none of whom
would scruple to risk
their lives in the endeavour
to destroy those who had
never injured them,
some one should not
be disposed to risk his
life in the endeavour
to destroy him whose
life is to all one
discontinued course
of injury. Hense, fear
is among the attendants
of every throne: and
when by an aspiring
tale bearer, hints are
given of people's suffering
as produced by misrule,
fear presents to
imagination the connection
between the production
of suffering, and
retaliation by the

---page break---

41. or 18. +
Meantime, howsoever
insane, howsoever
atrocious in all
authoritative Documents, the
same consummate,
unrivalled, and unvaried
excellence is
ascribed to him. Of
Monarchs, bodies though all
beautiful, variable:
but in all, mind is
the same

42. or 19. +
Anglicé in every
Session, hundreds of times
does King join with
people's sham representatives
and Lords self
representatives in
declaring himself most

So in Liturgy [by a
declaration which all
are punishable for not
joining in] "most religious
and gracious." Gracious
to all he smiles on:
Most religious Gracious Charles 2
heard himself called
while scoffing at religion.

43. or 20. +
Of lying in all these forms,
the Kings creatures have
constantly the benefit,
disturbed or not disturbed
by insanity in his
Creator: insanity not
conspicuous, Creator sane
or insane, Government
may go on its course with
little difference

---page break---

[Deenda Scarcely
is it by the insane
that most mischief
has been done

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