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1822 July 2
Constitut. Code Supreme Operative
1. Monarch
Subordinate mostly corrupt
Instruments Corporeal & Incorporeal

§ 4 Subordinate
44 1. +
Monarch's Instruments
I. Corporeal: Soldier,
Lawyer, Priest.
II. Incorporeal:
1. Force
2. Intimidation, or say
Fear, Terror.
3. Corruption: or say
corruptive influence.
4. Delusion, or say
delusive influence.

45 2. +
Monarch's sinister
interest is — to give to his
own felicity an ever
questionable addition
at the expense of boundless
suffering to others:
by his power, continual
effect is given to
their sinister interest.

46 3. +
By this sinister interest
being rendered the
enemy of all under his
power, those his
creatures being dependent
for their felicity on his
will, and thereby rendered
Subordinate enemies.

47 4. +
Incorporeal instruments —
his own theirs
The arch
arch-terrorist, arch
corrupter and deluder:
they sub

48 5. +
By each of these
corporeal, each of the
incorporeal instruments
of misrule are employed:
but by this or that
corporeal this or that
incorporeal most.

---page break---

49 6. +
1. Soldier, his chiefly
and sole purposely
employed instruments
are force and intimidation.
But by pay and
perquisites he is made
to belong to Monarch's
stock of corruptive
influence, and to do do of
delusive do: the splendor
constituting inducement
to earn a share
by service to Monarch's
sinister interest, and
causing them to infer
the existence of excellence,
moral and intellectual,
from the giving of such
good gifts.

50 7. +
II. Lawyer.
External the enemies
against whom the
Soldier acts: internal,
viz subjects: those from
whose subjects Lawyers:
Soldier occasionally:
Lawyer constantly
on the largest scale,
are soldiers operative
on the smallest, the
lawyers; large scale
necessary, Soldier is
Soldiers sole purposely
employed instruments,
force and intimidation:
of corruption and
delusion he regards not
himself as having need.

---page break---

51 8. +
Lawyers chief purposely
employed instrument,
delusion. By imagination
he creates a fictitiously
existing divinity. Common
Law — its highest and
considerable occupation
giving fulfilment to
Monarchs sinister
interest: its favorite but
subordinate do giving do
to his own do: both
purposes maximizing
the instruments of felicity
in the predatory hands:
and to that end depredation
& oppression.

52 9. +
Not having existence,
Common Law can not afford
a justification to any act
done in its name. Yet
in pursuit of the two
confederate interests have the
people been loaded with
boundless sufferings, while
to reconcile the sufferers to
this treatment the existence
of that nonentity
has indefatigably assisted:
and but too successfully.

53 10. +
III. Priest
Another corporeal of
whom delusion is the
chief incorporeal
instrument: Force, not:
intimidation, yes: but
from a different source.
Sprung from Lawyer's
brain Common Law:
from Priest's Religion. To
both belong to give effect
to Monarch's will and their
own: and to that end to
employ intimidation.

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