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B 1 9
1822 July 3
Constitut. Code

Ch. V. Rationale

69 1. +
Objector: To Monarch and
Subjects a common interest.
Sufficient, this, to
save them from ill

70 2. +
True. So between Post
Master and Horses:
but this saves them
from untimely death
after life of torture.

71. 3. +
Monarch's interest
suffices not for rendering
him so kindly disposed
to subjects as Postmaster
to Horses. From
Horses no cause of
irritation: from subjects
many and continual.

72 4. +
Deducting all effect
produced by community
of interest, remains
a Monarch's sinister
interest sufficient to
produce, at all times,
sinister sacrifice to
vast extent:

73 5. +
For evidence, consider
separately the
State of Monarch's
interest in relation to
the several specific
and subordinate ends
of government.

74 6 +
I. Constitutional Code
Specific ends
1. Maximizing aptitude
2. Minimizing expence.

---page break---
Ch V Rationale

75 7. +
I. Expence. Of the aggregate
of portions Monarch
(say) two.

1. Portion 1. Where to
produce profit to Monarch,
greater expence is not
2. Where it is.
Here profit naturally
encreases as expence

76 8. +
2. Appropriate aptitude.
Object of references. In
a Republic greatest
number's happiness.
2. In a Monarchy,
Monarch's do.
In Monarch's imagination,
his greatest happiness
depends on the subserviency
of all their wills and
conduct to his will: which
will it necessarily has
always been to maximize
the mass of the external
instruments of felicity in
his hands at their expence.

77 9. +
II Civil & Penal Code
particularly Civil Code.
Specific ends to: viz.
1. Subsistence.
2. Abundance.
3. Security.
4. Equality.

78 10. +
I. Subsistence — State of
interests as to it.
1. True: Monarch's as
well as their interest
requires they should have
it: No subsistence, no life,
no life, no work. But their
interest it is, that they shd.
subsist, able or not able to
work; not so his.

---page break---
Ch V. Rationale
79 11. +
II. Abundance. His
interest requires them to
be maximized: viz. that
his share in it may be
so. But his interest
requires, that whatever
can be allotted to his share
be so allotted, by how
much soever theirs be

80 12. +
III Security: viz. for
1. Body.
2. Mind.
3. Reputation.
4. Matter of Wealth.
5. Power
6. Condition in life.
Against evil-doers.
1. External or say foreign
2. Internal non-functionaries.
3. Do functionaries.
People's interest requires
that they be secure
against all three.
Monarch's that they
possess not security
against such misdeeds
by foreigners as shall
be produced by their
self defence against a
war undertaken for
depredation or conquest
at their expence.

81 13. +
2. Nor against evil doers,
whom, though not
functionaries, he is
inclined to favor.

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