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1822 July 10
Constitut. Code Rationale1 Supreme
Who are the People

113 1. +
Self preference in a
Monarchy detrimental
to greatest happiness
why in a Representative
Democracy contributory
to do.

In each, men's wish
and endeavour will be
to engross all instruments
of felicity. Hence, on people's
side resistance, so
far as consistent with
safety. On Monarch's,
from contemplation
of the resistance, anger.
and, for gratification of
anger as well as rapacity,

Thus in wish is every
man, to the extent of
his power, rendered by
nature depredator &
oppressor: desirous of
making to his own
felicity the sinister

114 2. +
In the situation of
Monarch, this desire
is accompanied by a
power: in
individual, do. not:
instrument incorporeal
wanting, so corporeal

Hopeless of subjecting
others to depredation etc.
the endeavours of each
are limited to the
himself from it: in
this endeavour each
finds supporters in those
who are not sharers
in the profit: no

---page break---
+ 114 2 contind.
No one can find for him
self a security that will
not be so to others.
In the endeavour to exercise
it to his own benefit
no one will find any
supporters: incorporeal
instruments wanting,
so are the corporeal

115 3. +
Prodigious the difference
between the strength of
the desire, where hope of
the power has place
and where not: viz.
where the object of the
desire is mental pleasure,
complex and indefinite
as in case of power.
Not so where it is
bodily pleasure coupled
with exemptions from
much more intense
bodily pain. Witness hunger
and thirst.

116 4. +
Thus depend upon union
with power, not
gratification only, but even

In France, Washington
might have been a
Bonaparte: in U. S. Bonaparte
a Washington. In U. S.
absolute power being
within the view of Washington,
the desire must some
times have tormented
him: not so anyone of
private Soldier Citizens.

---page break---
117 5. +
In U. S. any member
of the Constituted Body,
exercising that power by his
vote. His ultimate desire
that being in his power,
is to see himself secured
against depredation and
oppression: his intermediate
do. to see seated a
Representative whose endeavours
will be directed to
that effect. To this desire,
every Constituent finds a
Representative who will
be contributory: to the
desire of having a Representative
who would enable
him to be a depredator
etc., no one could hope for
gratification. Thus having
no hope of promoting any
particular & sinister interest,
each one confines his
endeavour to promoting
his share in the universal
interest: and in this
endeavour, all joining, all

Each gives his vote to the
candidate whose endeavour
to this end will be most
contributory: no candidates
endeavour being
capable of being directed
to any other, even the least
apt is always sufficiently

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