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1823. June 8 D1
Constitut. Code
Question Universal
dislocative why given to
Constitutive -- Topics
§. 1. Sole this

§. 2. -- Given to all powerful
as to all . 5. 6
§. 3. Evil is all obviated by
not joining to it
locative except as to
legislature 4
§. 4 But for this as applied
to Prime Minister as
well as Legislature, they
would corrupt each other
to a certainty. 2. 3.
§. 5. Of corruption, prevention
is as when possible.
6. G. 10. 11. 12. 13. 13(a)
§. 6. All parties on both sides are governed
by it. 12. 15. 16. 17. 18
§. 7. Denial of it is almost universal
but universally mendacious
19. 20. 21. 22. 24. 25
§. 8. How to the
denial. 22. 23.
§. 9. Sole ,
minimization of its art after
its Evil effects . 28. 29. 32.
33. 34. 35
§. 10. Corruption -- its mode.
1. Intimidation request. 2
Remuneration subsequent
. 3. Intimidation
through remuneration.
30. 31.
§. 11. Evil effects how far
preventible in a Democracy.
32. 33. 34. 35. 36
§. 12. Corruption triumphant is
a mixt Monarchy (Eldon) 37.

Question. To Constitutive
why give dislocative to all

Answer. Reasons.
1. Thus Without this alone can the
security against the prevention
of sinister interest in all
departments and all
functionaries cannot be maximized.
2. So in each breast the
assurance of such
3. From it, no evils seem
probable in the instance
of one department, more
than in another.

True, even without this
security, distributed as
are the powers under the
Constitutive, no great evil
could be produced otherwise
than by sinister
confederacy between
Legislative Leaders and
Executive Administrative Chief.

By this dislocative, as
applied to Legislative
and Executive Administrative Chief, is
divested of all dangerous
tendency, the
dislocative power, which it
was necessary to give
him over the Ministers
of all the departments:
Without the dislocative
over the Executive Administrative Chief,
the Legislative could not
be assured of giving
execution and effect to
the will of the Constitutive.

---page break---
By keeping out of the
Constitutive's hands all
locative power, except as to
Legislation as to which
it was indispensable,
all danger from the all-
comprehensiveness of
the dislocation, is excluded.
From an apt dislocation,
no sinister profit
can be derivable,
except when it is a
stepping stone to locative.

Nothing more is the
power thus proposed to
be given to the whole
active part of the body
of the members of the
community over their
Agents, than that which
it would universally be
thought absurd not to
give to each individual
over all his agents,
in the management of
his own particular

On the ground of passion
and thoughtlessness, better the
reason for refusing to an
individual this power,
than for do. to the whole
Constitutive. For corrective
to his passion and
thoughtlessness, each
individual has, in regard to
this public concern, the
coolness and attention of
all others: no such source
of correction has he in
regard to his own particular

---page break---
Objection. The more
virtuous and wise, might
thus be at any time
turned out by a mob.

1. Signing the petition is
not the work of a mob.
2. Nor yet delivering votes
which are delivered in
3. Especially, considering
the interval between
delivery of petitions, and
the delivery of the votes.
4. Mob will not operate
without adequate inducement.
5. Where exercise of
dislocative power in the
same hands follows not
upon do. of the dislocative,
no adequate inducement
has place, except persuasion
of the existence of the
existence of the functionary's


§: Corruption its shape
§ — its mode of operation — no
no corruption.

In regard to the dislocative
more is looked for from
the preventive effect of the
arrangement than from the
Examinations: although
without an expectation of the
Examination, the preventive effect
could not take place. But
the one of the
be a strong or
on the part of the

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