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1823. May June 6. D 3
<head>Constitut. Code
III. Rationale
Ch. Constitutive
§. Universal dislocability


Ch. Constitutive.
§. Universal dislocation

14 or 1.
In every Constitutive
containing a Representative
with Executive in
other hands, parties in
Representative of course,
two: both corrupt: efficient
cause of the corruption & division, benefits
at disposal of Executive.
Corruptor, Executive.
Corruptees, both parties
in Legislative.

15. or 2.
Quasi contract and
inducement — Members of
legislative maximize benefits
at Executive's disposal,
that he may have the more
to give to them & friends:
Executive gives accordingly.

16. or 3.
Parties, two: viz.
1. Ins: those who have the
benefits in possession, or
in near expectancy
from the same hands.
2. Outs, who have them
in expectancy only:
neither possession, nor
determinate expectation of
this or that individual
benefit commencing
till after the confederated
Ins are ousted.

17. or 4.
In Outs, apparent
probability of receipt, less:
this the only difference:
Corruptive dependence
the same in it's nature
and cause: only in
strength less.

---page break---
Ch. Constitutive
§. Universal dislocatn.

18. or 5.
By this corruptive,
probability of benefit from
breach of trust, every
member is placed under
temptation: by no one is
it probable the temptation
will be effectually

19. or 6.
By no one is the possibility
of his yielding to
such temptation even
made of denying it,
assertion of of

20. or 7.
Unless supposed to be
believed by some, no
such assertion would
be made.

21. or 8.
But in it's application
to every one, there is
adequate reason for
regarding it as never true:
For believing it true,
for the purpose of
grounding conduct on
the belief, in the case of
no man can there be
adequate reason.

22. or 9.
Important it is to good
government, that the
existence of the alledged
universal corruptibility
but for dislocability,
be universally recognized.

---page break---
Ch. Constitutive
§. Universal dislocation.

23. or 10.
As often as, by any
person, incorruptibility
or constant purity of
motives is asserted,
every man may do
good service by scornful
denial of the truth
of the boast.
Deny as well your
having sexual organs
or the desire to use

24. or 11.
Case in which assertion
of purity of
motives may in individual
instances be
substantially true:
force of sinister
motives overpowered by
do. of right and proper

25. or 12.
But in this case, sole
assertions credible, those
of which, if false, the
falsity is exposed to
proof: viz. situation &
conduct: not any facts
belonging to the internal
state of a man's mind.

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