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1823. June D 4

Constitut. CodeIII. is to
Ch. 3. Constitutive

Universal dislocative, why.
Corruption prevented


26 or 1.
Corruption by remuneration, evil effects
abstracted, is not evil,
but good. Conferring and
receiving benefit, both are

27 or 2.
Impossible is compleat
prevention of corruption:
viz. here and there a
breach of trust produced
by remuneration etc.

28 or 3.
Possible is prevention
of evil effects perceptible
on a national scale.

29 or 4.
Evil effects are all
reducible to depredation
and oppression.
Both excluded, end of
government attained.

30 or 5.
In limited Monarchy,
to no comparatively
great extent can
corruption, by intimidation,
extend: limits
are set to it by
Monarch's inferior partner's
care for their own
Security: rather than it
should apply to them,
they would call on the
people to change the
Monarch, or the form of
Government, or both.

31 or 6.
Here it is mostly
confined to intimidation,
by fear of loss of benefit
received from Monarch.

---page break---
32 or 7.
Thus then as being the
sole effectual preventive
of corruption in
high functionaries,
the universally applying
dislocative in people's
hands is the do. of
depredation & oppression.
Corruption it will so
far reduce as to prevent
all oppression, and all
sensible and considerable

33 or 8.
It may determine choice
between Candidate and
Candidate equally apt.
Example. Locator
obtains Locatee's daughter
with a fortune: or
marries his daughter without
a fortune to Locatee,
or his son.

34 or 9.
— or if two apt
Candidates, it may cause
the less apt to be
preferred: and thus cause
the location of a
Candidate comparatively

35. or 10.
But scarcely will it
ever cause the location
of a Candidate
absolutely unapt.
By fear — not only of
dislocation, but even
of censure from Public
Opinion Tribunal,
will this be prevented.

---page break---
36 or 11.
So long as absolute
inaptitude is excluded,
friends of mankind
have little cause for

37 or 12.
Compare this state
with that of England.
In the seat of highest
power, Judicial and
miscellaneous, a
demonstrated and self
confessed compleatly
unapt functionary
(Eldon) retained.
See Commons Debates
6. or 7 June 1823, and
for his self confession
Morn Chron same
day in May 1823, or

38. Arrangements for
minimizing corruption.
1. Minimizing quantity of
good in official hands.
2. Maximizing constitutive's
dislocative power.
3. Providing supply of
Candidates intellectually apt:
viz. by demonstrative
public exercises.
4. Fixing the eye of public
opinion Tribunal on
all official conduct, and
maximizing the force of it.

Of corruption, the evil
effects may be reduced lower
than in the US: and if
thus low every where
and always, a philanthropist
might be satisfied.

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