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1824. August 25. Constitutional Code. Ch.IV. Sovereignty, in whom

Ch.IV. Sovereignty, in whom

I. People Morally Apt

1. People's case.
Each one's desires and
endeavours being constantly
directed to his own
greatest happiness, so
all's do. to all's do.

True, as far as incompatibility
has place,
each one's endeavours
are directed to the sacrifice
of every others.

But in so far as they
are directed to such
sinister sacrifice, each
one finds those of all others
opposed to his own;
and his own rendered
of no effect.

3. Contrá so far as, by
the pursuit of his own
happiness, he pursued
that of others, or even
does not thwart it,
each one finds the endeavours
of all others assistant to his own.
In the language of interest,
each has a particular
interest: all
have a common interest:
what is by all believed
to be the common
interest of all,
is endeavoured to be
promoted by all: each
particular interest is
opposed by those & those
only, by whom it is regarded
as adverse to
their own.

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Ch.IV. Sovereignty, in whom

This applies to the sole
exercise here given to
People's Locative Function:
choosing those by
whom, in other particulars,
they are themselves
to be governed.
Thus as to happiness
taken in the lump.
Apply it now to the
several immediate
elements of the aggregate
happiness of all,
1. General Subsistence.
2. Do. Abundance
3. Do. Security
4. Do.Equality, as per
Leading Principles.

Admitt that there is
not one who would,
if he could, not sacrificed
to his own, all the
matter of subsistence
and abundance, and
all the means of security
possessed by all the
rest; thus maximizing
inequality, and utterly
destroying equality.
But by no one could
any hope be entertained
of finding an agent
disposed to gratify that
desire — an Agent in
whose choice a number
of Electors, sufficient
to locate him, would

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Ch.IV. Sovereignty, in whom

2. Contrá, not one by
whom a hope might
not be entertained
of finding an Agent
disposed to concern
in gratifying the desire
of each for the
maximum of subsistence,
abundance and
security, so far as
not incompatible
with that of the greatest
number: in obtaining
for each the
maximum of those
elements of felicity, in
so far as no one's felicity
was sacrificed
in any greater proportion
than was
necessary to the maximum
of felicity on
the part of the rest.
This applies directly to
nothing more than the
placing of those, by
whom all are in all
things to be governed.
But this power, coupled
with the power
of eventually dislocating
them if they do
not answer expectation
wants not much of being
the power of so governing:
and, as will be seen,
it is the nearest approach
to it that their
numbers, and the time
they have applicable
to such purposes,
admitts of.

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