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1824. April 29.
Constitutional Code
III & Rationale
Ch. Ministers collectively.
§. 15: Remuneration
Factitious kind the Evils.
II. The matter at the
of a body.

Ch. Ministers collectively.
§. Remuneration.

13. 36
Evil 11. Serving as an
Instrument of instantaneous
mutual recognition,
and thence as a
bond of union to the
possessors: giving them
facilities for the
support and advancement
of such their particular
and sinister, at the
expense of the universal
interest, to which
their's, in so far as
distinct from it, is
irreconcileably opposite.

Under a Monarch,
the sinister influence
of this class is added
to, and forms part of
the sinister influence,
and contributes to swell
the absolute power of
the Monarch.

For the forming and
strengthening of this
pernicious association,
no delusion is necessary —
the plain truth

1. Each one of them is
regarded as being, a
probably useful instrument
or favorite of the Monarch —
the universal
patron — of some such
instrument or favorite
of his.

2. Each one is a member
of that body, the members
of which are possessors
of the largest shares in
the aggregate of the objects
of general desire: viz
power, opulence,
reputation or celebrity, with
ease, and facilities for
exercising vengeance.

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Ch. Ministers collectively
§. Remuneration.<p>Knowledge of these facts
suffices them for entering
into and keeping in
combination with, each other:
in their eyes, any real
extra service rendered
to the community at
large, by one of their own
number, or by an
individual at large, is an
object — either of jealousy
or indifference.


The more tedious and
difficult the operation
of breaking the debilitating
and galling chains
thus imposed on the
intellectual frame of the
great body of the people,
the more strenuous
will be the exertions of
a friend to mankind
to bring about the
rupture where they have
place, and to prevent
their formation where
they have not.

Means of self-defence.
One day, after decorating
the persons of a circle
of chimney sweepers
and shoe blacks, greeting
and greeted by each
other and the surrounding
multitude, with the
titles of Prince, Duke,
Marquis, Earl, Viscount,
Lord, etc., stars, crosses
ribbons & garters —
all these instruments
of general and mischievous
delusion — instruments
of the mint in which
false honor is coined,
may perhaps, after being

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Ch. Ministers collectively
§. Remuneration<p>being dragged in the
mire, and buried
under the contents of a
dung cart, be emptied
into the common
sewer. Thus will the
be or have
been broken; the
delusion be or have been

After the preaching
of St. Paul, the owners
of Magical Books
voluntarily brought them
together & burnt them.
Following this example,
thus may we do
by these abovementioned
Instruments of
delusion, the several
possessors adding their
coats of arms and
pedigrees: this termination
would be the
preferable one.

Too strongly bound
together by the cementing
force of this delusion
are these mischievous
But one day by the
light of reason the
cement will be dissolved
and dissipated:
elsewhere, as in America,
it has been already.
To the body politic, the
infection taken in by the
eyes and ears of individuals,
is among the most
deleterious of intellectual
poisons. One day, to
an elegant preparation
as the phrase is, patients
will not be wanting, &
a compleat cure will
be the result.

---page break---

As well by a body of
patrons as by a single
patron may such
corruption be produced:
they have been and will
naturally be — those already
possessed of the factitious
honor conferred.
In this case, the corruption
is administered by
an aristocracy: in the
other, by a Monarch.

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