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1824 May 3 Revised
Constitutional Code. 1826 Nov. 6 Settled these two pages
ready for copying except that the code itself
be changed, according to the figures.

Ch. IX. Ministers collectively.
§. 13. Located how.

or 1.
Art. 1. Functionaries
how located, Pecuniary competition when apt
period for preparation should, as per §.12. pt

apt candidates have been made
known by Liberal the Qualification Judicatory,
Prime Minister
1. Ministers. Prime Minister
advertises day, on or
before, and not after,
which, candidates are
to give in offers.

Pay predetermined by
Legislative Ordinance,
each offer will contain
a bidding, on the ground
of it, in the way of deduction,
purchase, or both

Art. 2. Bidding by
deduction or reductional
is by saying how much
less pay will be accepted.

Art. 3. By purchase
or emptional is saying
how much will be
given for it – pay remaining
or not remaining.

Art. 4. Compound, is
by both added together.

Art. 5. Bidding none
available, but from
those tried in the Liberal Qualification
Judicatory, as per
§. 12.

Art. 6. Par 6 Truth and Talent and
Trust, situations, the Legislature
will have determined
in which instances and shapes
pecuniary security shall
be required of Locatees.
At the Open Auction
each bidder will subjoin
to his bidding notice of the security
he offers.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers collectively.
§. 13. Located how.

Art. 6. Heads in the
location Instrument.
1. Locatees rank as per
Talent Judicatory.
2. His biddings.
3. Reasons for preferring
him if preferred before
any persons whose
choice claim is
preferable in
the face of documents.

Art. 11. Legislature
will consider, whether
any and what other
checks on mislocation
are applicable.
Example. Indication of
candidate's connections
by consanguinity or
alliance within certain

7. 10
Art. 70 A Minister's is
a situation of talent
as well as trust.

12 9
Art. 12 9 II. Situations of Functionary,
Subordinate to Minister.
By Minister, advertisements
for candidates
and biddings as per Art.
1. 2. 3. 4: effectual bidding
confined to persons
tried, as per Art. 5.

Art. 13 Heads in location
Instrument, as per
location Art. 6: and any
others added by Legislature.

29 May 1824 For Rationale
Add Sale on pub. account excluded
do. in private.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers collectively
§. 13. Located how.

14 Art. 14 No untried
person locable. But, in
simple trust situations,
just ground of preference
may be constituted
by pecuniary
security, self-seated
or extra seated, notwithstanding
inferiority in the talent scale.

Art. 12. As to pecuniary
security, Legislature
will determine
in what, if any situations,
it shall for this
purpose, be rendered
unalienable in the
hands of possessors.

Locator who 16. 21
Art. 21 16 By Minister,
a proposed instrument
for location of proposed
locatee is presented to
Prime Minister.
After [ ] days, it
becomes effective: power,
meantime, to Prime
Minister to make location
of a locatee of
his own, or suspend
the effect of Minister's

17 16 22
Art 1722 Locable, by
Prime Minister, in
this case, is any person
tried as per Art. 5.
But, if reasons for the
preference be not given,
Pub. Opin. Tribunal
will conclude that
none could be found.

---page break---

Ch. Ministers collectively §. Located how

Art. 8. Neither as principal
nor as depute, to
the functions, nor as
principal to the pay, of
any official situation,
will any person be admitted,
till an appropriate
Location instrument,
signed by the
Locator and Locatee
and Prime Minister has been lodged in the
Office Records.

10 9
Art. 10 9. Heads for the matter
of it.
1. Locatee's name at length.
2. Age at location: expressed
by day of birth, if known.
3. Day of admission into
the Locable List.
4. Rank therein, as per
votation Roll.
5. Reduction, if any, of pay submitted to
by him.
6. Sum, if any, bid by
7. If preferred to
whose ranks were superior,
their names
mentioned, with reasons
for such preference.
7 8. So, if to any whose biddings
were superior.
8. Sufficient reason
maybe – Locatee a Depute
permanent of late
principal: length of service
being specified,
with indication of day
of commencement.

Art. 10 Exemplars – their
1. For the office, one
2. For Locatee, one
3. For Locator, one
4. For each Superordinate
Offices, one. to each.

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