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1824. April 14

Constitutional Code.

III Instructions and Rationale

Ch. XI. §. Remuneration.

45 10
Military service in Art. 10. In no one of
both branches excepted, in no one of these shapes should
remuneration be allowed.
By their whole
amount, they are needless,
useless and pernicious.

Sole pretexts by which
they are defended.<p> <p>1. The above false notion
that aptitude is as
opulence directly:
whereas it is so inversely.

2. The notion that
without such extra
remuneration, no apt
person would charge
himself with the duties.

Of this assumption,
the groundlessness
is demonstrated by
universal experience.

In no other occupation
can a man obtain
in any of these shapes,
otherwise than by his
own frugality.

Yet, in all other occupations,
aptitude is
produced, and that
continually encreasing:
while in this
it is stationary.

Justifiable in the
official situation to
which they are
attached, their extra allowance
wd be so in all:
but this they are not.

---page break---

Ch. IX.
§. Remuneration.

10 contind
In these States, they stand
attached to situations
in which no valuable
service is rendered,
no aptitude necessary:
granted to a man, for strutting
about, eating his
victuals, and being
called my Lord, after
pretending to have received
no one so much
as , to know what know render the
name of the Holy Ghost.

Art. 11. Ways in which
they are worse than
useless pernicious.

1. They contribute to
encrease remuneration:
thence, as above, to
diminish aptitude.

In so doing, they disguise
the real amount
in the eyes of the Public
Opinion Tribunal
thus obtaining it's approbation
for depredation.

4. Pensions of superannuation
& retreat
act as inducements to
indolence, to non-performance
and mis-performance
of duties.
For the worse the
functionary's conduct in
office, the more the
sufferers by it, and the
more strenuous their
endeavours for his

---page break---

Ch. XI.
§. Remuneration.
<p>48. 12.
Art. 12. Thus adverse to
frugality and aptitude,
these overpaid situations
are instruments
of that depredation &
oppression, to the
maximization of which
is necessarily the end
in view of every
government, the rulers
of which are not, in
the strictest dependence
on the people, for
their situations.

49 13.
Art. 13. Irreconcileably
adverse, accordingly, to
the principles of this
Constitution, — to it's all
embracing end, and
subordinate particular ends
are all such excesses.

49 14.
Art. 14. So, of corruption
as to the representatives
of the people: by
keeping up, with force
proportioned to their
magnitude, the demand
and expectation of participating
in the mass of emolument
attached to them,
by receiving portions
of it for themselves or
connections, from
the locating functionaries,
on condition of
and remuneration
for, the excess given
to it.

---page break---

Ch. XI.
§. 15. Remuneration

50 15.
Art. 15. So of delusion
as to the people at
large, by means of the
association of ideas
produced by habit,by
causing the degree of
aptitude to be regarded as
being in the direct ratio
of the degree of opulence
possessed, whereas it
is in the inverse.

51 16.
Art. 16. If the above rules
and observations are in
concurrence with the
all-embracing principle,
on which the Constitution
is grounded, the
greatest happiness principle,
to every member
of the Public Opinion Tribunal
it would belong, to
consider as to the punishing
by manifestations of
displeasure, the representative
who, by speech
or vote, should contribute
to any departure from
them: and, as members
of the Constitutive, to
help rid the Legislative
Assembly of him by
dislocating him.

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