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1824 May 8 Constitutional Code.Text
Ch. Ministers Collectively
§ 16. Locable who.
§. 1. Locable Men
1. 2. 3. 4

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 12. Locable who.

Art. 1. After a period of preparation time, as
per §. 13, no one locable
in an Administrative
official situation, till
his name is on the
Administration Locable
List, — say Locable List:
persons on it, Locables.

4 2
Art. 2. Concurrent officient
causes of location
on each occasion, are
1. Locable's rank on the
Locable List: as per Art
2. Amount of his bidding
at the Frugality Auction,
as per Art. & §. 13.
3. Choice made of him
by the functionary having
locative power,
as to the situation:
viz the Minister of the Subdepartment
or other
viz Locable's immediate

Art. 5. Locator, by whom
admission is given into
the Locable List, the
Judge of the Qualification Judicatory:
evidence, the result of
examination into the
qualifications of the candidates.

In regard to this Examination,
see as to
1. End in view, Art. 4
2. Subject matter, Art. 5
3. Judicatory's constitution,
Art. 11
4. Mode of Examination,
Art. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
17, 18, 19, 20
5. Formation by rotation
of the opinative
decree, by which the
Imperative do. locating
Candidates in their
several ranks, will
be determined. Art.
14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
22, 23, 24 27, 28, 29

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 12. Locable who.

5 contind.
6. Mode in which the
result of the Frugality
auction will be determined,
§. 13. Art. 1. 2. 3.
4. 5.
7. Mode in which a
Locable is located in
office, §. 13. Art. 6. to 14.

2 4
Art. 2. Main end in
view in these examinations,
securing, at
the minimum of
expence, in the maximum
number of Locables,
the maximum
of appropriate aptitude
intellectual, including
knowledge & judgment,
active & moral.

3. 5.
Art. 3. Collateral result
maximizing, without
additional expense,
aptitude and extent of education
in all classes:
aptitude, viz as to happiness.
See Art

6. or 1
Art. 6. Subject matter of
the Examinations. as to
intellectual and active aptitude.
Preliminary operation
for settling it. Legislature
causes make and
publish, for this & other
purposes, an all
comprehensive list of the
Administration and other Administration
official situations:
say Office Calendars.
1. Talent Situations.
2. Trust Situations.
3. Talent & Trust Situations.

Under the head of Talent
Situations, the
next division will be

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 12. Locable who.

6 contind
into groups of branches
of art and science
so connected with
each other, as that to
each groupe corresponds
an official situation
or groupe of
official situations,
to the apt exercise of
whose functions, proficiency
in that groupe
of branches of art and
science is necessary.
Subjects Examination etc.

7. or 1.
Art. 7. Examples —
In columns, headed
Talent requiring situations —
2 G. 2 c. 23 §. 3

are to be examined. See
Chron. 24 May 1824.

1. Army Ministers
and his Subordinates.
2. Navy Ministers & do
3. Interior Communication
Ministers & do
4. Indigence Relief Ministers
and do
5. Domain Minister's
& do
6. Foreign Relation
Minister's & do
7. Finance Minister's
& do

By it, is the Column
headed — Talents there
in requisite.

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