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1824. May.

Constitutional Code.Text
Ch. IX. Ministers collectively.
§. 12. Locable who.
Votation mode

Ch. 12. Ministers Collectively.
§. 12. Locable who.
Votation mode

14. or 1
Art. 14. Opinative decrees
how formed. Modes of
votation, two: first, secret:
then, before the
result of the secret has
been declared or ascertained,
the open.

15. or 2
Art. 15. Secret mode how
performable. Examples.
1. Roll, paper or parchment,
in length such
as to contain the names
of all the Candidates
one under another.
2. Columns abreast of
one another, headed by
the names of the arts
and Sciences, as per
Art. or Columns for
each groupe.
3. Under each groupe,
follow Candidate's names
one under another, in
the alphabetical order
of their surnames.
4. To each voter have
been given Tickets, card
or paper, number, that
of the Candidates,
multiplied by that of the
5. Under, or at back of
name of each Candidate,
according as there is
room, voter pins the
number, expressive
of the relative rank
he wishes the Candidate
to occupy.
6. Illustration.
1. Voters, Judges, & Quasi-
Jurymen together,
say — 25 —
2. Candidates, 200 —
3. Groupes of Arts & Sciences, — 4.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 12. Locable who.<p> <p>15 contind.
4. Breadth of a Ticket
1/4 of an inch.
5. Thence, length of the
roll, besides the heading,
Inches, — 50.
6. Divide the roll in
to two equal parts,
placed abreast — length
of each part, inches 3.
7. Words & figures are
all in print, printed
at the same press —
thence, hand-writing,
by which a voter might
be made known, none.
8. Folded over each
other the two halfsheets
of each roll, as in folio
paper — hence, of neither
the contents visible.

16. or 3
Art. 16. Mode of giving in
the votes.
1. Judges, on a preannounced
day, deliver
in each his voting roll
at the same time in
presence of each other.
2. That it may not afterwards
be known which
roll contains the votes
of which Judge, all
previously shuffled, are laid
one on another flat, in
the same box, which
is then immediately
closed and sealed.

17. or 4
Art. 17. Mode of scrutiny.
1. To assist Registrar in
the arithmetical operations,
scrutineers thence
are elected by the Judge.
2. President, in case
of equality, has a casting

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers collectively.
§. 12. Locable who:

17. contind.
3. At commencemt</hi>
of the scrutiny, not before,
the seals are broken.
Thus, by want of
time, all partial disclosure
of voter's personalities
by secret marks
is impracticabilized.
4. The figures expressive
of the ranks
assigned by the several
voters to the several
candidates, in relation
to each groupe of
Arts and Sciences,
are then summed up.
The Candidate whose
number is least, ranks
thus highest in the
aggregate judgment of
the Judicatory.
5. Illustration.
1. Candidates, as above, 200.
2. Voters — 12.
3. Number, if by all he
is meant to be ranked
highest — 12.
4. If lowest 12 x 200 = 2,400.

18. or 5.
Art. 18. Votation in the
open made in the same
manner nearly as in
the secret do, sole
difference, voting name
written by him at the
head of the paper.

19. or 6
Art. 19. Time, after the
delivery of the secret
votes, & before the breaking
of the Seals.

20. or 7
Art. 20. In the same
manner will be
expressed the aggregate
of the opinions of the

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