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Constitutional Code.

Ch. Ministers Collectively
§. 16 Locable who
Moral aptitude — proof of.
Information how preserved

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively
§. 12. Locable who —

Probative not Informative
Art. 24. In a line with
the figures expressive
of the rank of each
Candidate, in an appropriate
column, will be
name or names, of the
Instructor or Instructions
under whom he had
studied, with the time
or times during which.

Moral aptitude proof
25. or 1
Art. 25. For proof of
appropriate moral aptitude,II
legislature, if it
sees fit, will appoint
a list of topics, as to
which interrogation,
as above Art.
may have place.

26. or 2
Art. 26. Unlimited the
liberty until such list
is published.

But an interrogation
being propounded,
a majority of the Judges
may spontaneously,
or at the instance of
the interrogatee, inhibit
answer, or render
it optional.

Compare Ch. XI. Judiciary
Collectively §. ___ Locable
who: and Ch. ___
Appellate Judges §. ___
Locable who. +

Effect of continued
27. or 1
Art. 27. Published at
the same time will
be the results of the
votation in both modes.

Effect of
28. or 2
Art. 28. Priority on the
list, not excluding
faculty of choice, the
results of both modes
will contribute to
the Locator's guidance.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 12. Locable who —

Art. 29. When time has
produced a sufficient
body of experience, Legislature
will choose as to
the continuing both, or
discarding one.

Makeshift Probation
Art. 30. For sufficiently
instructive course of
probationary study, time
provisionally allotted,
7 years. Thence,
Number of examinations
undergone by a candidate
previously to his Location
in the Locable List.
1. % annual -------- 7.
2. % semiannual ----- 14.
3. % quarterly ------ 28.
Perhaps at the outset,
annually may suffice.

Makeshift Probation
31 2
Art. 31. This supposed, not
till the end of 7 years
will the full benefit
of the proposed instruction
be obtainable. But,
till that time is
accomplished, what instruction
is obtainable in
each incomplete number
of years, will be

So soon as one year's
appropriate instruction
has thus been obtained,
the exclusionary effect
will begin to take place
& so continue.
When one year's do. has
been obtained, none
will be on the Located
list who has not had


---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers collectively
§. 12. Locable who.

31 contind.
2 continued
When two years, none
who have not had it
for two years, except
those located after having
it for the one year.
And so on year after
year. For -
1. Better than none is
the smallest quantity
of appropriate aptitude.
2. Of any given degree
of appropriate aptitude,
any direct evidence is
better than none.
3. On grounds unknown,
no man's declared opinion
or affirmation
of any man's appropriate
aptitude can be so
well grounded as that
of all will be, after a public
examination, as above,
though it were no more
than one.

Information preserved how
Art. 32. For obtainment
of apt Instructors, and
preascertainment of the
expence, advertisement,
under Legislature's Prime Minister's direction,
will be given, of
the places at which it is
proposed that the
instruction shall be given:
with questions, to which
Candidates would-be Instructors
may give answers.

Art. 33. Questions, the

II Of Note. Of moral
aptitude the proof will
be but negative.
Of intellectual and actual

+ 26*
On moral aptitude as
of votation by the Judicatory.
The matter will
be before the several
Locators to guide the

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