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1824. May 10. Constitutional Code. Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively. S.16 Locable Who. Infraction how

33. or 2

Art. 33. Questions, these.
1. Holding yourself able,
are you willing to give
instruction as to any and
which of the groupes, as
per Advertiesment, or as
to and of the same arts
and sciences on any &
what other groupes, or as
to any and what single one.
2. In any and which have
you or have you had
any and what pupils, and
of what ages?
3. To any & which have
you supplied, & on what
4. So, as to lodging?
5. What remuneration
require you on this
plan for instruction of
each pupil, stating
variations, if any, according
to age, and the
number you wd. take.
6. For how many are
you able to furnish
houserooms for instruction,
whether in your
possession at present, or
for hire?
7. So, as to diet.
8. So, as to lodging during

34. 3

Art 34. Main objects of
the advertisement, ascertaining
what must be
government's expence
for houserooms, apparatus
what necessary,
and instruction
houserooms & apparatus
being liable to require
capital, instruction not
hence, the need of distinct
provisions for the

---page break---

35. or 4

Art 35. For minimization
of expence, thence maximization
of the number
of the instructed, and
the quantity of instruction
received by each,
care will be taken,
not to advance capital
for houserooms, but for
places where needed,
and only in proportion
to the need, and in default
of it's being obtainable
for hire.

36. or 5

Art 3. So, as to remuneration
for Instructors,
and for maximizing appropriate
aptitude on
their part, to minimize
all such supply, pecuniary
or quasi-pecuniary,
as will be independent
of the number of
each one's pupils, and
thence of the strenuousness
and constancy of
his exertions.

37. or 6

Art 37. Thence, that as
far as possible, the expence
be borne not
by government, but by
the pupils and their relatives;
that, if borne by government,
proportioning it
to the number of the
pupils, would not
suffer to secure exertion, as above
the exertion would only
be the minimum
sufficient to avert

---page break---

37 or 6 Contind.

While the love of ease
operates with the force
of a motive, all allowance
beyond the minimum
is a premium on
negligence, a penalty
on exertion & good behaviour.

38. or 7

Art 38. For Instructors,
care will be taken
that the Government
allowance exceeds not
the Customary pay
of the least paid class
of labourers: if in any
place, addition sufficient
for engagement
and encouragement
can not be obtained
from pupils, that is
not a proper place.

39. or 8

Art 39. Neither for diet
nor lodging of pupils,
will government allowance
be made: no
where there is
population, can there
be a want of parents
maintaining at their
own expence, children
or other relatives
apt in age: Govermt
allowance for such purposes
wd. be a premium
for population
in excess.

40. or 9

Art 40. As to cloathing,
if the Government allowance
is made, it will
be to prevent exclusion
of the comparatively
opulent by disgust,
from deficiency or impurity
in the comparatively indigent.

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