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1824. May 10. Constitutional Code. Text

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively

S.12. Locable, who.

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively
S.12. Locable, who.

41. or 10.

Art 41. On this as on
all occasions, it will
be considered that on
the part of Government,
liberality is synonymous
to excess: that in its
essence are involved
waste, peculation, depredation,
corruption & delusion:
that if liberality at a
man's own expence
is a virtue, at the expence
of others it is a
vice: and that the cloathing
a vice in the
name of a virtue is
among the fallacies
employed by
political imposters.
See. S Checks.

42. or 1.

Art.42. Exceptions excepted,
in no trust
or talent & trust situation
will any one be
locable, whatsoever the
number of his examination
years, as above,
before the age at which,
by law, a man is intrusted
with the management
of his own

43. or 2.

Art 43. Exceptions are
1. Army Service, military
branch: in the lowest
grade, locability is at the
age of [ ] years: for,
though the functionary
has command of
some, he is constantly
under the command
of others.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively
S.12. Locable, who.

44. or 3.

Art 44. Navy Service,
military branch:
age of locability [ ]

45. or 1.

Art 45. In the aggregate
votation roll of each
year, in an appropriate
column in a line
with the figures expressive
of the ranks
of the candidates in
that year, will be do.
expressive of do. in
their first and all
intervening years,

1. Motive for exertion
2. Various as to degrees
of aptitude in the same
candidate, as between
year and year exhibited.

46. or 2.

In case of
preponderant inconvenience
from multitude
of candidates
Unless and
until Legislature
shall have ordered
otherwise, every locable
not located, may
in any year or years,
subject himself to examination
with those
not yet locable.

1. His aptitude kept up
2. Improvement, if
needed, obtained.
3. The locable kept in
view of locators.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively
S.12. Locable, who.


Art 47. In case of preponderant
from multitude
of candidates,
whereby they adequacy
and efficiency of the
time employable in
the Examinations wd.
be employed impaired, the
legislature will take
order for necessary limitation.


Art 48. When as per
Art answers have been obtained,
legislature, by a second
advertisement, will fix
a day not less than
[one year] distant
from the day when
the first was issued
for the commencement
of the first examination.

49. or 2.

Art 49. Then, if not before,
will be declared
as to whether the arts
and sciences shall
be all included, in
one examination, or
distributed, and in
what manner, among
Qualification Judicatories,
at the same
or divers times.

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